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COM: Blogarithmic #136

Been keeping up with some folks, and seeing others in town here and there, and i guess it's time for an update.

Chief among all the things going on is Roy Burney's memorial party at Roy and Holly's house. It's Monday at 6:30 p.m. Everyone who knew Roy is invited to come share stories, tears, jokes, and time with each other. If you need more info please contact me at hurricanetg(at)hotmail.

Also, i've been remiss in acknowledging the passing of Steve Furbush of cancer too. I coached with Steve and had occasion over the years to speak to his classes at Hunt. He has been eulogized many times over in the past week as a great man with a huge heart, and i think that says everything that needs to be said.

Chase Gorman's group Machine has a new CD in the works -- due out pronto. Will let you know when i hear it.

Myles Smith and Scott Rotge have some dates coming up in San Antonio. They're both outstanding in their own right, but together they make some beautiful music. They are both on MySpace and that's a good place to hook up with their schedules.

The Cornell Hurd Band is playing tonight at the Uptown Marble Theatre in Marble Falls.

Dana Cooper and Annika Fehling are having a concert here at our place tomorrow, Sunday the 3rd, at 6:30 p.m. Dana is a Texas songwriting legend, and Annika is a gem from Sweden. Could be a special event. I have a couple of tickets left, so if you'd like to see them, give me shout at the above address.

Dana wrote the title song on our new CD -- Heart Like A Flower -- and sings another song there. I've just about completed the CD booklet and we expect the mastering to be done in the next week or so. Hopefully the CD will be available within the month. Dana and Annika are also spending the week here working with the kids on some new songs.

They're also headlining the Kerrville Wine and Music Festival today.

Will T. Massey was here last week writing songs also and i got to see him play at the already defunct Armadillo Exchange. Austin Owen was here recording a new CD, and i can tell you this -- the kid knows what he wants, and he has an incredible voice. I'm really looking forward to this one.

Saw Kamron Farhoudi, his wife, new baby and his parents at Altos de Jalisco. Looks like his new career in real estate is treating him right.

Then ran into one of the great players of my coaching career, and just one of the neatest kids ever, Bryan Sheriff. He was with his two babies, wife and his Grandma Black. His grandpa Jack Black died this past spring. It was his grandparents who took him in and allowed him to express himself. He was an untapped talent and a great kid.

Jon Leija, Marcy Dorman and i took some of our kids to the San Antoino Zoo and i ran into Joe Valdez there with his girlfriend and her kids. Funny where you run into old students. He's in construction and seems to be doing very well.

Although he's not credited in the program, i stumbled across an article that mentioned that the set painting for One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest was done by another old player -- Daniel Saner. Haven't heard from him in a decade, but his dad updates me once in a while. I don't know if he's back in town for good, or just passing through painting scenery. He's another great talent lying in wait. Not at all surprised he had done that beautiful set.

Earlier in the summer i had the privilege of seeing Andy Wilkinson perform at Schreiner U. Also there were Mike and Kathy Walker, William Woods, Richard and Lorraine LeMon, Tom Claiborne, and Don and Sug Hedgpeth. I was most impressed by a new song about St. Therese that Andy did -- i'd like to add that to my repertoire sometime.

Have i mentioned running into Stephen and Nathan Mooney within minutes of each other across town after not having seen either for some time (actually i think i did). And saw Josh Leaton at Wal-Mart. He seems to be doing well. Also Daniel Robinson and his wife and daughter Sidney, Eron Kammer and his son KC Rowe, Joseph Gore and Darlene Bannister.

William Lawson is starting slot receiver for Highland Park and said George Thompson was vying for a starting spot also. Taylor Overbey is already prepping for baseball season next and says his guitar playing has really picked up.

Jonah Priour has returned from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival after a month's run in Alice in Wonderland. I expect to see him this weekend before he heads back to Harvard.

Squeek Reynolds is still in Austin and working on a CD. Chris McIntosh wrote from Holland. He's been touring Europe for work, and thinks India is on the horizon.

Our rehearsals for A Streetcar Named Desire are going exceptionally weel. I don't think i can remember being in a show that was so far along at this stage as this one. Lots of kudos to John Ruth, whose direction has been both sensitive and intense. Leaman Valentine, Sarah Tacey, Anne Reynolds, Jerry Mertz, Garrett Whitten, Nancy Reagan, George Stieren and Joan Bryson are just intense players. It's been a great pleasure after all these years to finally be on the stage with Annie, and working with John. And working with newcomers like Jerry has also been most rewarding. I knew from working with Garrett, George, Nancy, Leaman and Sarah that they are tops. We've also had to find a substitute for Pablo and Kevin Fowler has agreed, and he's also an excellent actor.

All i can say is that, if rehearsals are any indication, this will be one of the finest shows i've ever been involved with. The show opens September 14th at The Point Theatre in Ingram and runs through the 30th.

I'll be leading some great field trips for Nature Quest on September 30th and October 1st.

Meanwhile, while Streetcar is in the middle of its run, i'll be rehearsing Lend Me A Tenor with another host of great actors -- Holly Riedel, Marie Cearley, Leaman Valentine, Sarah Tacey, Charles Bryant, Aaron Hutto, Chris Valentine and Madelyn Beaudoin. Ruthie Schmuck and Carol Priour will be doing the costuming for us, and Dion Denevan is designing the set. The theatre tech class at Ingram Tom Moore High School is constructing the set. Mari Aleman will be the Stage Manager and Garrett Whitten and Kevin Fowler will be Assistant Directors for me. Garrett will also design and run the lights and Taylor Danielson is my numero uno soundman.

Setting up a couple of interviews to get back on track on Verbaceous, one of my documentaries -- first with Clark Perry, who i've already interviewed and filmed in performance, and with KNEC and John of Vehicular, the dynamite Austin hip-hop band. Will be doing that in November, in between working on filming William Lawson for The Extra Mile, and getting docu-footage at the Austin PowWow.

Hope to be in the studio soon, working on several long-overdue projects. Putting down some pieces from Vignettes from the Edge of Humanity with Ryan Bailey on piano. Will also probably have Garrett Whitten adding some guutar licks on Hurricane. Also going to be doing background narration for Ode to a River and shoring up some other narrations. Ryan and i are also trying to finish a musical version of Dragons which has been in the works for some thirty years. Maybe we'll be staging that one soon.

Cullen Loeffler, who i coached when he was in about 6th grade, and now plays for the Minnesota Vikings, got married a few weeks ago. Congrats Cullen!

Football last night was not so good teamwise, but the kids overall had some great games:

Ingram lost big, 49-20, to Comfort (which is a cliche/perennial powerhouse). Tyler Brown though had two runs for 35 yards!

Tivy's vaunted new offense couldn't overcome a missed extra point and lost 21-20 to 5A San Marcos. Clint Sanders caught two passes for 38 yards though. Great stuff Tyler and Clint! Lots of Tivy kids with connections from my coaching days, and kids of friends: Colton Palmer, Drew Cruthirds, Tim Prout, Jordan and Logan Vick, Max Mohnke, Kyle Prater, and Wyndham Burney.

No word yet on OLH's game. Expecting big things from Peter Navarra, who scored two TDs in last weeks scrimmage.

Brad Lind's Smithson Valley had a noon date today, will update as i find out scores. And William Lawson, George Thompson and Chrispy Hoover's (and for that matter Collins Thompson, Kip Dakil, Billy Langhenry's) defending state champion Highland Park Scots play tonight in Tom Landry Stadium against Waxahachie.

Update from
SAN ANTONIO -- What had the makings of an offensive shootout quickly took a turn toward to a defensive struggle. Both 5th-ranked The Woodlands and No. 10 Smithson Valley scored on their opening drives. The game should've been called at that point. The Woodlands mustered just 101 yards after its 71-yard scoring drive, and Smithson Valley was just a little better in a 17-7 win in the first Saturday game of the 2006 Toyota Tundra Texas Football Classic. The opening of this much-hyped game matched its billing. The Woodlands reeled off a 71-yard drive that ended with a chip-shot field goal. Smithson Valley responded with a 7-play, 77-yard drive that Trent Rios capped with a 5-yard TD run with 4:36 left in the first quarter. Then the bottom fell out -- mainly for The Woodlands. The Highlanders turned it over five times (three interceptions), committed 10 penalties for 72 yards, and had a shanked punt that set up a Smithson Valley field goal. But as bad as The Woodlands played, Smithson Valley wasn't a study of efficiency either. Other than Rios, who earned MVP honors after rushing for 107 yards on 25 carries, nobody stood out for the Rangers. Smithson Valley only got 70 yards from players not named Rios, and The Woodlands actually outgained Smithson Valley by 5 yards.

There's a poetic new I and the Bird up at migrateblog. Check it out.

The Eric Tessmer Band is on a countrywide tour, but will be back in TX soon -- check out the schedule.

Cool new Zebra pages by Joshua Fall.

The New Texas Writer's Conference, which i've been featured at in the past, is gearing up for the winter conference. Here's some details:
The Writers’ Festival at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor is just around the corner, January 3-6, 2007. It’s shaping up to be one of the best festivals ever. I encourage you to propose a presentation, reading, or workshop by responding to this email before 10/15/2006. Please provide a short bio or profile (say, about 150 words or so) and include a brief description and explanation of your presentation, reading, or workshop. The full schedule will be posted by October 31, 2006. Rather than clogging your inbox with large files, materials will be posted online at

One of my favorite places to eat, the Hensleys' Coppertop Cafe, closed down this week. It's a shame, but as i've said before, this little burg is not yet big enough to support independent restaurants.

Well, if you got this far you can seen i've been busy and that, i hope, excuses some of my failure to post here more often. I hope you keep checking in though. All my best, love everybody. tg

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