Friday, September 22, 2006

COM: Blogarithmic #145

Well Blogger is doing the usual screw up the links thing again. I have some cool guitar videos to post, but i can't get this stupid program to actually do it . . . back later on that.

Here's a cool movie game, and yes it's a viral ad thing, but i can't wait for the candy either.

In the post below i've deleted all reference to the individual involved. I didn't actually stick it to my car, but i've carried around a bumper sticker on my dashboard for over a year, mostly as a comment on the current state administration, and thinking it funny too. To me it's just a big marketing campaign, and he is a local boy. But i never intended to vote for him. I want my vote to actually count. His music has been covered by my bud Lyle, so i posted the pseudo-review below. THEN, i picked up a paper today and read that my friends over at Burnt Orange Report have outed him saying some particularly disgusting things. He claims that he's never been politically correct -- i say using the concept of "politically correct" to mock well-meaning folks is a republican mask for inherent racism. It's simple common courtesy. A candidate who belittles people, jokingly or not, has no support from me. So today i removed the bumper sticker. And now i'm removing his name from my website so this blog won't google up under his name. I want no part in his promotion.

William and guys at HP are off this weekend. Peter Navarra is back at OLH raring to go. Tivy is at Canyon tonight. ITM is at Brady in a battle of the beatens (both are 0-3) -- my money's on ITM. Checking on Smithson Valley.

By the way, the score i missed last week was OLH getting pummeled for their first ever loss. There's likely much more to it, but Peter, their leading scorer, rusher and tackler, was at Rice for an interview. What? you say. On a game day? Well, Peter wouldn't do that, and had specifically scheduled it for Saturday because the team was scheduled to play on Thursday. Then that opponent cancelled, and the only team they could squeeze in was for a Saturday game. Thus, a game day change, and Peter left in the cold. Coach Bushong had a lot of nice things to say though about the value of Peter's Senior leadership. Let's hope it makes a difference this weekend.

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