Thursday, September 28, 2006

COM: Blogarithmic #149

Getting ready for a BIG weekend. We're back in Streetcar Named Desire mode for tonight, Fridaya nd Saturday. Two good reviews this week from the Kerrville Daily Times and the West Kerr Current. Tomorrow i'm doing the Texas Heritage Music's Foundation's Living History Day at Schreiner University, celebrating the birthday of Jimmie Rodgers, and honoring recently deceased Wilton Crider. Then Saturday i'm leading a bird/bug field trip at Garner State Park for the Rio Frio area's NatureQuest. Sunday is another trip for them to the Lynch Ranch with Derek Muschalek. Sandwich two cast parties in there too! Monday is the frantic final touches on the newsletter day, followed by our first full rehearsal for Lend Me A Tenor beginning a run of nine straight days of that, and then Tuesday i'm off to Austin with Carol Priour for a full day of film seminars. Probably not much posting will be happening this weekend, and catching up will be hard with all that going on, but i'll try.

From Mike Bergin at 10,000 Birds
"In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."

These were the immortal words of Benjamin Franklin, a man as brilliant as they come. Yet this keen observer of the natural world ignored the certainties all around him. The rising of the sun in the east and its setting in the west is as certain as the waning and waxing of the moon. The massive migrations of millions of species driven by the annual movement of the Earth around that selfsame sun is certain. Gravity, entropy, even the tendency of small pieces of metal to attract lightning, particularly when attached to high-flying kites...all these can be counted on by those who understand such forces. It's just that they don't suck as hard as death and taxes.

We all have, or at least will have, painful insights into death. Most of us will escape this mortal coil with a more passing knowledge of taxes. However, some formidable souls dare to plumb the stygian mysteries of tax laws and loopholes. Kay Bell, a writer, editor, birder, and blogger out of Austin, Texas, actually seems to enjoy talking taxes. Read her blog, Don't Mess With Taxes, surely one of the most cleverly named sites around, and you may come to fear taxes slightly less than its partner in inevitability. So be sure to browse around after you enjoy Kay's presentation of I and the Bird #33.

Are you the type of intrepid naturalist willing to brave all manner of death and taxes to enjoy a bit of bird spotting? Do you blog about your daring adventures? If you haven't shared your writing with the thrill-hungry audience of I and the Bird, you should really start now. Send a link to your best post about birding or wild birds along with a brief summary to me or our next wonderful host, Pam of Tortoise Trail. Our next edition is scheduled for Thursday, October 12, so get in touch with one of us by Tuesday, October 10.

One last note - we're still looking for new hosts to close out the year. If you haven't hosted IATB yet and would like to, contact me soon!

Yeah Baby: Texas A&M romps in Big 12 showdown
No. 12 Texas A&M won a battle of teams unbeaten in Big 12 play with a 3-1 win over No. 22 Oklahoma State before 3,636 fans at Aggie Soccer Stadium on Thursday night. Allison Martino dished out assists on all three goals. Suzette Devloo scored twice and Nicole Ketchum added an insurance goal in the second half. The Aggies quickly gained control of the game thanks to strong midfield play from Paige Carmichael, Amy Berend and Amber Gnatzig and were up two goals after a quarter of an hour. Leah Hope brought the Cowgirls back to 2-1 going into halftime, but the Aggies dominated the second half, outshooting OSU, 12-0. "This is a nice win for us," said Texas A&M coach G Guerrieri.

Brings lots of good time Rock n' Roll to Pampell's, corner of Water St. & Sidney Baker, Friday, October 6, 9:00PM - 1:00AM
Caren Harris, Greg Bitkower, Bobby Delery, James Harris, Mark Wright

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