Friday, September 22, 2006

REV: Why the Hell . . .

Okay, a few years ago when folks were being feted with tribute albums as they got old and people thought they might vanish before they were tributed, Kinky Friedman (of the massive marketing campaign known as I'm Running For Governor) decided he too should be tributed. He thus became the first and, i think, still only person to do a tribute album to himself. So yesterday i got word that he'd done another tribute album . . . to himself. No such lack of luck. It's the old one re-issued, which i suspected all along. So i found a review, it's below, notable mostly for the good words it has about the "contributors".

i have removed the content of this post based on a DMCA copyright complaint, post censorship by Blogger. it is a bizarre situation, and i ought to fight it, but it'll take money and then i lose, whereas removal will actually harm on ly the complainee. as i said, bizarre. anyway, most of the content can be viewed in this article if you want o look at it for yourself.

Why the Hell Not...The Songs of 'him'
Written by John Metzger, First Appeared in The Music Box, September 2006, Volume 13, #9

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