Wednesday, October 04, 2006

COM: Blogarithmic #151

A few quick notes. First, for those here looking for field trip data from the last two weekends, i'm working on those and hope to have them posted soon. Most will know that i just finished a show and am in rehearsals for the next one which i'm directing. Compiling the notes is easy actually, but time-consuming and i have to find that time. So, expect these in the next couple of days, and thanks for your patience.

I was remiss too, with leading a couple of field trips, plus shows etc this weekend, at following up on the usual football news. Tivy was off this weekend, and i have no evidence that OLH played. OLH, by the way tied Prairie Lea last weekend 21-21, but did so without Peter Navarra's services again. I don't know the reason yet that he didn't play, perhaps another college visit.

Otherwise, Ingram fell to 0-4 with a 35-17 loss to Sonora, Tech of course knocked A&M from the unbeaten column with a 31-27 win, Smithson Valley stayed at the top of the heap with a 30-27 win over Madison, and Highland Park continues to dominate 4A football with a 49-6 win over Terrell.

This monkey is funny as can be, but i can imagine if this were a kid working on another kid it could only end in bloodshed (wink). Thanks to Jon Leija for the link.

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