Tuesday, November 21, 2006

COM: Blogarithmic #175

Among things i missed this weekend was the unfortunate loss of Smithson Valley in the first round of the playoffs, 35-34 to San Marcos. That after their being the number one area team most of the season, ending the season ranked number ten in state, and knocking off a series of legendary programs during their run. So, crazy that they got knocked out in the first round, crazy that it was San Marcos who i'm pretty sure they had already beaten this season, and pretty crazy that SM was 5-5 going in against 9-1 SV. I'm sure that Spring Branch is still in shock. That's my college roommate/best friend Brad Lind coaching there. Sorry Brad and Taylor. . . Tivy lost too, apparently after losing some composure in the waning minutes of a game they led.

This weekend in the 4A Regionals it'll be a battle of Number-1 ranked undefeated teams as Highland Park takes on Texas High. I'd love to go, but too much happening here, and it's in Shreveport. Since when do they play the biggest Texas HS football game of the year in Louisiana?

Will be back in the studio in the next week i hope adding some more layers to the Vignettes CD with Garrett Whitten, Steven Toler and Zack Morris. Also hope to get Charles Bryant in, working on a Christmas CD, and will work on soundtracks for a couple of the films in progress. May sneak off with the boys to see Monte Montgomery this weekend also.

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