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COM: Blogarithmic #186

Busy week! Perhaps you noticed. Merry Christmas anyway!

First, my buddy and cohort Greg Moses, editor of the The Texas Civil Rights Review is on top of an astounding story of injustice, uglier because of the season. Check it out here.

Having a popular blog that deals with music and film means having to wade through lots of requests to look at other blogs and sites. These days the great majority of these are spam blogs -- sites set up with a tiny bit of information that may be interesting, butthen are crammed with ads to lure folks into clicking to a site, which in turn earns someone a penny or two. Pretty ridiculous, except that the pennies turn into big bucks if you can throw enough garbage out there, and thus the thousands of these garbage sites (boo greed).

Anyway, there's still the occasional payoff for trudging through the muck. Someone occasionally has something great to offer -- in my case, it's someone with a new band creating great new music, or someone making superb little films -- and so i look at every email or post to see where the little gems lay. Thank goodness there are folks who will plug along and make an effort to search out email adds to get the word out. It's truly the best thing out there about the internet, this allowing for the blossoming of creative talent without the burdens of industrial constraints (thank you MySpace and YouTube for persevering amongst the negative media crap).

Okay that was a long rant to tell you about one of those gems. A couple weeks ago i got an email from someone named Chris, who has a band. I don't know if he knows me, or just found my blog and emailed me, or used my list of favorite bands to figure i might listen to them, or what the connection is, but i'm thankful he turned me onto his band Once Just. You can check them out here. And here. And here.

Here's some highlights of the week that was, and maybe shouldn't have been:
Let's start with a taste of Idiot Night at Wendy's. After waiting way too long for the several people in front of me to get served, and finally making my way to the counter, i find out what all the delay was about. There are two people working the same cash register -- a teenage boy and a middle-aged woman. The scenario looks, superficially, like a manager training a new employee.

Them: Can i help you?

Me: I'd like a Large Chili, a Large Coke, and a Large Vanilla Frosty.

They look around on the cash register for a few seconds and finally find and punch a key. This is a cooperative, if counterproductive, effort.

Him: Would you like cheese with that?

Me: Yes, please.

They look around on the cash register for a few seconds and finally find and punch a key. This is a cooperative, if counterproductive, effort.

Her: What size would you like?

Me: A large, please, and a Large Coke, and a Large Vanilla Frosty, they're all larges. (You may notice my emphasis on Vanilla. That's because until recently Frostys only came in chocolate, and i didn't want any assumptions made about my choice.)

They look around on the cash register for a few seconds and finally find and punch a key. This is a cooperative, if counterproductive, effort.

Her: Would you like something to drink with that?

Me: In addition to what i just told you, or do you mean the Large Coke i already told you about? And the Large Vanilla Frosty?

Him: A Coke? What size would you like?

Me: Large.

They look around on the cash register for a few seconds and finally find and punch a key. This is a cooperative, if counterproductive, effort.

Her: Did you want anything else?

Me: Did you get the Large Vanilla Frosty?

They look around on the cash register for a few seconds and finally find and punch a key. This is a cooperative, if counterproductive, effort.

Him: What flavor would you like?


They look around on the cash register for a few seconds and finally find and punch a key. This is a cooperative, if counterproductive, effort.

Him: Would you like something to drink with that?

Me: No, i'll take it powdered.

They look around on the cash register for a few seconds and don't find a key for that. This is a cooperative, if counterproductive, effort.

Them: {Deer-in-the-headlights look.}

Me. Never mind, that'll be all.

They look around on the cash register for a few seconds and finally find and punch a key. This is a cooperative, if counterproductive, effort.

Her: Is that for here or to go.

Me: I'm escaping the second you hand it to me.

Them: {Deer-in-the-headlights look.}

Me: To go.

P.s. they put extra onions in the chili without asking. If you get the dynamic duo, and you don't want the onions, you oughta let them know first thing.

Where did all these people come from? I think there must be hundreds, thousands, of people in this little burg who only come out of their holes once a year. Evidence? A) traffic jams at times and places where i've never before seen another vehicle, and b) none of them know how to drive. Why is it that at the one time of year when everyone should be hyperconscious of the cars around them (because of A & B above) that they all become zombies. I usually shop late at night to avoid the usual idiots, but there's no escaping them now. I want to make it clear this is the only reason i don't like the holidays.

Enough of that.

I'm still laughing, trying to figure out how CB got Eric Clapton and Tracy Chapman confused.

It's been a big couple weeks for film work, as i've finally wound down several projects. Produced highlights films for William Lawson and Charles Bryant, finished the Summer Concert dvd, and am about halfway done with the Forgiven music video for Jacob Favela. Lots of studio time lately also, working on mine, the Children's Music Project, and Charles' CDs, and a couple more of those projects coming up. Hope to have dvds ready soon for Virginia Woolf, Charlie Brown and Lend Me A Tenor among others. Maybe will get some more filming in this week for Diogenes. And The Extra Mile project is in view at the end of the tunnel.

Cirque Du Soleil back in Texas!
In February, Corteo cast and crew will head to one of our all time favorite destinations: the lone-star state of Texas! Even though the hustle and bustle of the holidays is upon us, I just wanted to remind you that performances in Dallas begin as of February 9 under the Grand Chapiteau at Fair Park. Performances in Houston begin as of March 22 at the Sam Houston Race Park.

I've been keeping an eye on the production crew for the movie Coldwater, about a kids' boot camp. You know the drill. Anyway, the crew is responsible for another recent produced flick. Here's news about that one:
Just wanted to drop a note about our film Down the P.C.H. (brought to you by many of the original Coldwater team). PCH, as we call it, stars Coldwater co-writer Vincent Grashaw and was written & directed by yours truly. It also stars Guillermo Diaz (HalfBaked, Chappelle's Show), Elaine Hendrix (The Parent Trap, Superstar), Lin Shaye (There's Something About Mary, Snakes on a Plane), MichaelCavanaugh (All the King's Men, Collateral Damage), Richard Riehle (Office Space, Lethal Weapon 4) and a supporting cast of very talented actors. PCH is scheduled to be released on DVD in stores in March of '07! If you'd like to see the preview trailer and learn more about the film, visit us at: or

I think i forgot to post that the new I and the Bird is up. Here's the details:
The newest edition of I and the Bird has me feeling fairly sentimental. Blame it on Duncan, the estimable host of this superb installment. I've been after the proprietor of Ben Cruachan Blog to host IATB for some time now, since the very beginning, in fact. Duncan was a part of the very first I and the Bird and has been an integral part of our community ever since, one whose continuing participation confirms that this carnival is representative of the best bird blogging from around the world. Can you tell how much I like this guy? Anyway, as I was saying, I've been subtly prodding Duncan to host IATB for a long, long time, though my entreaties probably lost any semblance of subtlety months ago. Why was so important? I and the Bird emerged only when the number of gifted writers, photographers, and naturalists establishing bird-themed blogs seemed great enough to sustain it. Knowing that even Australia could produce such a genuine, distinctive voice (and now so many more!) made it very easy to pull the trigger, as they say. So, it is not only fitting but entirely fair that Duncan finally host the carnival that he had an unwitting role in initiating and an entirely witting, or shall I say willing role in maintaining. Of course, he did not disappoint. Enjoy Duncan's superb presentation of I and the Bird #38! We've got something very special here and want you to be a part of it. The last I and the Bird of 2006 will be hosted by Kevin of NaturalVisions on December 28. Send a link and summary to your best blog post on birding or wild birds to me or Kevin (kevin AT naturalvisionsphoto DOT com) by December 26. Oh, and Happy Holidays!

From Soccer America
Walk-on Estrada is Men's Freshman of the Year
Before the 2006 season, UCLA's incoming class was ranked as the nation's best, but it wasn't because of Soccer America Men's Freshman of the Year David Estrada.

In an incoming class that featured three U.S. U-17 residency standouts -- Kyle Nakazawa, Michael Stephens and Bryan Perk -- Estrada was an afterthought.

He was a walk-on from a small high school in Salinas, Calif., located in the agricultural heartland of Northern California. He scored 66 goals in his senior season -- most in the country -- at Alisal High School -- including 11 in one game, the second-most in state history -- but attracted scholarship offers from only two Division I schools. After a cousin contacted the UCLA staff, Estrada was signed as a walk-on, but he quickly became in integral part of the Bruin attack. First, star Kamani Hill didn't return to school for his junior year -- he eventually signed a contract with German club Wolfsburg -- then leading scorer Maxwell Griffin was lost for the season with a knee injury.

With Nakazawa at his side, the Mexican-born Estrada was sensational in the NCAA Tournament. He scored two goals to lead the Bruins past Clemson, 3-0, in the third round, and he scored the first two goals -- the first on a one-two with Nakazawa and a fancy dance through the Virginia defense -- in UCLA's 4-0 demolition of Virginia in the semifinals.

Estrada finished with 12 goals -- 11 after becoming a starter in early October -- and 28 points -- the most by a UCLA freshman since Joe-Max Moore in 1990.

Soccer America Men's Freshman of the Year
David Estrada (UCLA)

Soccer America Men's All-Freshmen
F Andre Akpan (Harvard)
D Nick Cardenas (San Diego State)
F David Estrada (UCLA)
M Michael Farfan (Cal State Fullerton)
M Jeremy Hall (Maryland)
G Sean Kelley (George Mason)
M Stephen McCarthy (Santa Clara)
F Kyle Nakazawa (UCLA)
F Ryan Soroka (St. John's)
D Bakary Soumare (Virginia)
F Darren Yeagle (Indiana)

G Jovan Bubonja (UIC)
D Greg Eckhardt (Clemson)
D Omar Gonzalez (Maryland)
M Ciaran O'Brien (San Diego)
D Ofori Sarkodie (Indiana)
F Zack Schilawski (Wake Forest)
D Chris Schuler (Creighton)
M Toni Stahl (Connecticut)
M Michael Stephens (UCLA)
M Jonathan Villanueva (Virginia)
D Rob Viviano (Saint Louis)

Weissenhofer is Women's Freshman of the Year
It was an exceptional crop of freshmen in women's college soccer, featuring four players -- North Carolina's Tobin Heath and Casey Nogueira, UCLA's Lauren Cheney and Stanford's Kelley O'Hara -- who missed the first two weeks of the 2006 season to represent the USA at the U-20 Women's World Championship and returned to earn All-Freshman honors.

But the 2006 Freshman of the Year was Notre Dame's Michele Weissenhofer, who got a quick start on the competition, scoring twice in her collegiate debut in late August. She came to South Bend with the reputation for having a deadly flip throw-in, but she was equally talented as a scorer and setup player.

"We've seen Michele enough times in her club and her high school seasons that we knew she could score goals," said Randy Waldrum after Weissenhofer's debut.

The former Eclipse Select star scored in three of the Irish's first four NCAA Tournament games -- including three goals in 12 minutes against Penn State in the quarterfinals -- and finished with 18 goals and 17 assists for 53 points, second in the nation only to teammate Kerri Hanks.

Weissenhofer's quick adjustment to college was in part due to her decision to enroll for the summer semester at Notre Dame. Her great understanding with Brittany Bock, the third member of the Irish attack, stemmed from their long association as teammates dating back to the third grade in Naperville, Ill.

Soccer America Women's Freshman of the Year

Michele Weissenhofer (Notre Dame)

Soccer America Women's All-Freshmen

G Kristin Arnold (Texas A&M)
F Kiki Bosio (Santa Clara)
F Lauren Cheney (UCLA)
F Gina DiMartino (Boston College)
F Michelle Enyeart (Portland)
D Kristi Eveland (North Carolina)
M Tobin Heath (North Carolina)
F Nikki Marshall (Colorado)
M Casey Nogueira (North Carolina)
F Kelley O'Hara (Stanford)
F Michele Weissenhofer (Notre Dame)

F Emily Beans (Colorado College)
D Kelly Eagan (Villanova)
D Becky Edwards (Florida State)
F Whitney Engen (North Carolina)
D Lauren Hyde (Florida)
F Giuleana Lopez (Kentucky)
D Shelly Moeller (Navy)
G Alyssa Naeher (Penn State)
F Chichi Nweke (Illinois)
M Katie Vogel (Clemson)
M Nikki Washington (North Carolina)

MARYLAND: Seitz and Edu turn pro
Goalkeeper Chris Seitz, a 2006 Soccer America Men's MVP, and Maurice Edu, a 2006 first-team NSCAA All-America midfielder, will forego their remaining eligibility at Maryland to pursue pro opportunities.

The 6-foot-4 Seitz, who is currently training with the U.S. U-20 national team, is considered one of the top goalie prospects to come along in recent years. Seitz finished his Maryland career with a career goals-against average of 0.77, the best ever by a Terp keeper.

"He has all of the tools to become a great goalkeeper and a fixture with the U.S. national team," said Maryland coach Sasho Cirovski.

Edu, one of college soccer's top defensive midfielders, finished his three-year career with 10 goals and 11 assists.

"Maurice Edu is an extremely special young man," said Cirovski. "The level of interest in his ability from both Major League Soccer and European teams has become extremely intense."

Both Seitz and Edu are Californians and started on Maryland's 2005 national championship team.

TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: Rijsbergen eyes U.S. talent
Trinidad & Tobago coach Wim Rijsbergen called up seven collegians among 41 players picked to attend a training camp Dec. 18-22 in preparation for the 2007 CFU Digicel Cup T&T will host in January.

Rijsbergen, the former Dutch World Cup star and New York Cosmos defender, recently held a four-day camp in Charleston, S.C., to look at Trinidadians and Americans of Trinidadian descent playing in U.S. colleges and high schools. Among the invitees were former U.S. U-20 Randi Patterson, a two-time All-American at UNC Greensboro, American University's Tremaine Chinapoo, son of former Cosmos Richard Chinapoo, and New Jersey schoolboy star Kyle Bethel.

Osei Telesford (Liberty)
Darryl Roberts (Liberty)
Darren Toby (College of Charleston)
Keeron Benito (Tampa)
Terrence Williams (Lipscomb)
Abiola Clarence (Incarnate Word)
Makan Hislop (South Carolina)

SMALL COLLEGES: NSCAA/adidas All-America Teams
NCAA Division II Men
Ft. Lewis star John Cunliffe picked up his third All-America award. Cunliffe was one of four Englishmen to earn first-team honors along with defender Leon Jackson (Lynn), midfielder Thomas Beattie (Limestone) and forward Nick Cooke (Lander). Six other Englishmen earned second- or third-team honors.

NCAA Division II Women
Kylee Hanavan of champion Metro State and Nebraska-Omaha's Elizabeth McGill won All-America honors for the third time.

NCAA Division III Men
Messiah junior Kai Kasiguran made it three straight years of All-America honors to go along with three national championships.

NCAA Division III Women
Oneonta State junior Mary Velan, a third-team pick, earned honors for the third time. First-team selections Ashley Van Vechten (Rochester), Kelly Donnelly (Virginia Wesleyan) and Laura Koontz (Wheaton, Ill.) were among six players to earn their second citation.

Burkinabe forward Dominique Nayaga (Southern Nazarene) received All-America honors for the third time. Players from 15 countries were chosen.

NAIA Women
Champion Lindsey Wilson had six players earn All-America honors: seniors Rowena Alsena and Hishamar Falconer and freshmen Yolanda Hamilton, Omolyn Davis, Kristine Pedersen and Lisbeth Skjodt. Falconer, Hamilton and Davis all started for Jamaica at the Gold Cup.

JUNIOR COLLEGES: NSCAA/adidas All-America Teams
JC Division I Men

NJCAA D1 champion Jefferson of Missouri had a pair of Floridians -- first-team freshman forward Claudio Dantas (Deerfield Beach) and second-team sophomore defender Stanley Mathurin (Delray Beach) -- earn honors.

JC Division I Women
Sophomore midfielders Aline Pugliesi and Megan Bruso, both first-team selections, were among three players from NJCAA D1 champion Young Harris to earn All-America honors. The NJCAA D1 Tournament MVP Danila Monterro was a second-team selection. Pugliesi and Monterro are Brazilians.

JC Division III Men
NJCAA D3 champion Richland placed freshman forward Albert Rodriguez on the first team and sophomore goalkeeper Raul Herrera on the second team.

JC Division III Women
which also won the NJCAA D3 women's title, had three All-America picks: freshman Karina Davila on the first team and Courtney Bishop and Traci Gibbs on the second team.

MISSING HIKERS: Hope dims for former UConn star
Hope dimmed Wednesday night for Brian Hall, a University of Connecticut and Dallas Rockets goalie, and another climber missing on Oregon's Mount Hood for 10 days. The body of a third hiker, Kelly James, was found.The ground search for the 37-year-old Hall and Jerry "Nikko" Cooke was reportedly scaled back because of dangerous conditions. Hall played four seasons (1986-88, 1990) on a soccer scholarship and one year on the basketball team as a walk-on while at UConn."He was such a physical specimen," former UConn coach Joe Morrone told the Hartford Courant. "He was like an Adonis. Just a strong, strong kid. And, remember, in those days, we didn't have the strength and conditioning programs that they have today. Nor did we have the equipment. So we emphasized it as much as we could, especially in the offseason. And he did a great job with that."Hall's former UConn colleagues insisted that if anyone could beat the odds on Mount Hodd, it was Hall."If anybody can get through this, he can," former UConn assistant Eric Swallow told WTNH News. "He was that kind of guy, and I look at him as somebody who was a warrior, who was a survivor."Hall, a personal trainer in Dallas, and James are feared to have been swept off Mount Hood in bad weather.

YOUTH: NSCAA/adidas All-America Teams
The following are the 2006 NSCAA/adidas Youth All-America Teams:
Andrew Adlard (New Berlin, Wis.), Jose Altimorano (San Diego, Calif.), Steven Amaya (New York, N.Y.), Anthony Ampaipitakwong (Carrollton, Texas), Bryan Arguez (Miami, Fla.), Matt Armstrong (Phoenix, Ariz.), Sam Arthur (Roswell, Ga.), Edgar Barajas (Pacoima, Calif.), Daniel Barrera (Thousand Oaks, Calif.), Mykell Bates (Roseville, Calif.), Corben Bone (Plano, Texas), Cameron Brown (Garland, Texas), Brandon Bumpas (Denver, Colo.), Teal Bunbury (Prior Lake, Minn.), Christian Camacho (Woodside, N.Y.), Scott Caldwell (Braintree, Mass.), Eric Cava (Clarks Summit, Pa.), Victor Cortez (El Sobrante, Calif.), Kyle Davies (Danville, Calif.), Alex Dixon (Humble, Texas), Bryan Dominguez (Atlanta, Ga.), Andrew Duran (Mokena Ill.), Doug Ferner (Bloomfield Hills, Mich.), Ryan Finley (Lumberton, N.J.), Kaoru Forbess (Benton, Ark.), Greg Garza (Grapevine, Texas), Colin Givens (Troy, Mich.), Jose Gonzalez (Soquel, Calif.), Joseph Goodwin (Raleigh, N.C.), Ryan Gracia (Rockville, Md.), Cole Grossman (St. Louis, Mo.), Austin Guerrero (Chula Vista, Calif.).Kevin Huang (Potomac, Md.), Christian Ibeagha (Edmond, Okla.), Abdus Ibrahim (Richfield, Minn.), Clint Irwin (Charlotte, N.C.), Larry Jackson (East Palo Alto, Calif.), Jarred Jeffrey (Richardson, Texas), Ian Kalis (Plano, Texas), Brendan King (Naperville, Ill.), Josh Lambo (Middleton, Wis.), Cam Lamming (San Juan Capistrano, Calif.), Jeffrey Leach (New Canaan, Conn.), Brandon Lee (Tenafly, N.J.), Axel Levry (Ft. Washington, Md.), Zack MacMath (St. Petersburg, Fla.), Eber Martinez (Dale City, Va.), Raphael Martinez (Portage, Ind.), Ellis McLoughlin (Seattle, Wash.), David Meves (Arlington Heights, Ill.), Thomas Meyer (St. Louis, Mo.), Chris Miller (Garland, Texas), Nick Millington (Raleigh, N.C.), T.J. Nelson (Garland, Texas), Alex Nimo (Portland, Ore.), Luke Norman (Rochester, Mich.), Vincent Ocampo (San Diego, Calif.), Amobi Okugo (Sacramento, Calif.), Jesse Paredes (Los Angeles, Calif.), Davis Paul (Upland, Calif.), Aubrey Perry (Ocoee, Fla.), Sam Redmond (Arden, N.C.), Daniel Rodriguez (Oxnard, Calif.). Kofi Sarkodie (Huber Heights, Ohio), Israel Sesay (Gaithersburg, Md.), Dane Shea (College Station, Texas), Nicholas Sih (Horsham, Pa.), John Tardy (Staten Island, N.Y.), Joshua Thiermann (Stoughton, Wis.), Ryan Thomas (Claremont, Calif.), Casey Townsend (Traverse City, Mich.), Howard Turk (Fairfax, Va.), Kirk Urso (Lombard, Ill.), Matt Uy (New Hyde Park, N.Y.), Zarek Valentin (Lancaster, Pa.), Kenneth Walker (Wickliffe, Ohio), Bob Warshaw (Mechanicsburg, Pa.), Daniel Wenzel (Federal Way, Wash.), Sheanon Williams (Boston, Mass.), Victor Yanez (Riverside, Calif.), Brandon Zimmerman (Pasco, Wash.).

Lauren Alwine (Elizabethtown, Pa.), Shira Averbuch (Upper Montclair, N.J.), Jessie Baddley (Ogden, Utah), Yewande Balogum (Bowie, Md.), Courtney Barg (Plano, Texas), Andrea Barklage (Lake St. Louis, Mo.), Lauren Barnes (Upland, Calif.), Julia Bouchelle (Cockeysville, Md.), Amber Brooks (New Hope, Pa.), Carly Butcher (Anchorage, Alaska), Amy Caldwell (Braintree, Mass.), Molly Campbell (Mission Hills, Kan.), Hannah Cerrone (Wappingers Fall, Mass.), Kelli Corless (Acworth, Ga.), Amanda DaCosta (Katonah, N.Y.), Bianca D'Agostino (Longmeadow (Mass.), Hailee DeYoung (Draper (Utah), Kylie Doniak, Chino Hills, Calif.), Kelly Dyer (Germantown, Tenn.), Emily Esbrook (Novi, Mich.), Amanda Fancher (The Colony State, Texas), Sinead Ferrelly (Havertown, Pa.), Meaghan Fitzgerald (Cincinnati, Ohio), Danielle Foxhoven (Littleton, Colo.), Katy Frierson (Homewood, Ala.), Brianna Garcia (Babylon, N.Y.), Rachel Givan (Ridgeland, Miss.), Hannah Gonzales (Greensboro (N.C.).Elizabeth Hanna (Waxhaw (N.C.), Melissa Henderson (Garland, Texas), Bianca Henninger (Saratoga, Calif.), Laura Heyboer (Hudsonville, Mich.), Jordan Hilbrands (Bexley, Ohio), Emilie Huser (Fort Wayne, Ind.), Tori Huster (Cincinnati, Ohio), Mo Isom (Marietta, Ga.), Marissa Kazbour (Valrico, Fla.), Katie Kilmczak (Elk Grove, Ill.), Maggie Kistner (St. Louis, Mo.), Megan Klingenberg (Gibsonia, Pa.), Brooke Knowlton (Rexford, N.Y.), Danielle Kot (Brookfield, Wis.), Jordan Kussman (Lakewood, Wash.), Julie Lancos (Belford, N.J.), Jennifer Laponte (Castro Valley, Calif.), Molly Lester (Atlanta, Ga.), Camille Levin (Newport Coast, Calif.), Lindsi Lisonbee (Park City, Utah), Brittney MacDonald, Littleton, Colo.), Jillian Mastroiani (Durham, Conn.), Merritt Mathias (Birmingham, Ala.), Kathleen Matthew (Walnut Creek, Calif.), Tiffany McCarty (Laurel, Md.), Kristen Mewis (Hanson, Mass.), Blake Miller (St. Peters, Mo.), Alex Morgan (Diamond Bar, Calif.), Christine Nairn (Bowie, Md.), Teresa Noyola (Palo Alto, Calif.), Megan Ohai (Draper, Utah), Michelle Oliver (Roswell, Ga.), Catherine Parkhill (Apple Valley, Minn.), Alyssa Pember (Northport, N.Y.), Emmalie Pfankuch (Fort Collins, Colo.), Ashley Rape (Dallas, Texas), Elli Reed (Park City, Utah), Mary Rachel Reynolds (Alpharetta, Ga.), Kacey Richards (Williamstown, N.J.), Brianna Rodriguez (Aurora, Ill.).Whitney Sharpe (West Des Moines, Iowa), Casey Short (Naperville, Ill.), Ella Stephan (Indian Harbour Beach, Fla.), Chelsea Stewart (Highlands Ranch, Colo.), Lindsay Taylor (Los Altos, Calif.), Danielle Toney (Northville, Mich.), Allie Vernon (Homer Glen, Ill.), Ingrid Wells (Upper Montclair, N.J.), Beth West (Centennial, Colo.), Kylie Wright (Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.).

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