Sunday, January 07, 2007

COM: Blogarithmic #194

Jenn Lau, Squeek Reynolds, Michael Hawkins and i were the Vista reps at the final ever forever (at least until 2037) concert of the Boy Scout Cookies at Jack's Patio Bar & Grill last night in San Antonio. Joe, Pat, Garrett and those other guys who play with them were onstage for almost a fun-filled hour, until things turned really ugly.

We got there just before the 9 p.m. show went live, some acoustic guy was behind the mike, and the place was crawling with razor-thin mohawks. It felt a bit like Star Trek. Then acoustic guy finishes and some guy steps onstage to MC the arrival of BSC, and Jarrett leans over and says "that's Drake!" Yep, that's our Drake McCrary all right. He's there randomly to play with the other big group of the night, hardcore punkers Nothing More.

BSC quite literally bow the roof off, The Inspektah jumping onto the floor to excite the minions into reaching for the sky, or the ceiling at least. Morse Code reigns, and thanks to a thin, if unconceable, pipe gun, he peppers the audience with popcorn. Then some guy sneaks in from behind and blows a wad of M&Ms into the crowd. It was like getting hit with rubber bullets at a Northern Ireland riot, only this was fun.

More stuff sprays the crowd until finally, after getting the "couple more songs" sign from somewhere in management, all that's left are the mini-marshmallows. Okay. These things are blasted at the ceiling to prevent dangerous mallowbruises, and immediately we are locked in place, can't dance no more because everywhere we step is a little white fluffy landmine waiting to glue you permanently to the floor. Michael wisely clears out a space for himself among the confections, but no one is wise enough to get out a broom.

And then it happens! Hot, molten marshmallow begins oozing from the Fresnel stage lights. Long, sticky gooey threads drip, drip, dripping from the lights. Can we say management was miffed and be done with it? So it took twenty minutes for them to clean off the lights where a wad of you know what had hung up. It looked for a minute like the next guys might have to play under the flourescent house lights. But no, the show must go on, and with the kliegs blaring.

And then, as suddenly as they arrived to the Candyman's pulsing beat, BSC is just as suddenly gone, no encore, no adoration, no autographs. We stand the pounding (great pounding mind you) of Nothing More until our ears bleed, and then we too vanish to Taco Cabana, where a phone call finds out that BSC decided it best to vaporize than to spend an evening tallying the amount of damage with some management factor.

Of course, we had a great time, and a bunch of laughs. Berger knows how to pump up a crowd. Joe always has been and always will be hilarious, Garrett is just plain a fine musician and now he even looks likes he been paying dues for a loooooong time. Them other guys were mighty good too. So, if you missed it, you missed a good time, and a good round of catching up talk at Taco Cabana.

And then to make the whole thing even more surreal Michael and i are tooling down that really dark stretch of I-10 between Boerne and Comfort, and there's this huge bus/rv thingie pulling a long trailer apparently broke down on the shoulder, flares ringing the whole setup. I spent too much time in the business to not recognize a tour bus when i see one, so as we whizzed by, i checked the thing out. Emblazoned all along the side of the bus and the trailer top to bottom in eight foot high letters was JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. Go figure. We thought we'd go back and see if ol' Just needed some help getting his sexy back, but that's one of those highway stretches where you have to go 15 miles just to find an exit, and the are lucky you if you can actually turn around. We just headed home, savoring the story.

Today was a pretty spectacular day in the old Milk River Film life thing. We got to pick up parts of two scenes i've been trying to finish for quite some time. Lillian Beaudoin is still in town from NYU and we did her half of a phone scene with Graham Douglass today, and then we picked up a school scene with Holly Riedel, Marie Cearley, Taylor Danielson and Chris McCrae. Holly, Marie and Chris are new to the film, though Holly's been written in as a teacher from the beginning. Marie has a dual role, part of it still to be filmed. McCrae is a jewel of a find. He showed up for the first time at ITM One-Act play having just switched over last semester from Tivy. He's a naturally gifted actor, a superb one, and, although most of what he did today was standin work for Peter Navarra, it'll be hard to not find him a larger role to play in the film. Unfortunately he's a senior so ITM will have his services for only the remaining semester, but look out. Taylor was his usual brilliant self, in picking up on his regular role plus doing some standin work. The more i think about this the more excited i get. If all works out, i should be able to wrap up the remaining doable scenes by June, and maybe have a finished product by Christmas.

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