Thursday, January 11, 2007

COM: Blogarithmic #197

People doing things:

Squeek got a job as a roady. He'll be working with Kevin Fowler, among others. Check out his Facebook or MySpace if you wanna know where he's going.

James Schleicher got bit by the blogbug, and is apparently downsizing on MySpace. Check his blog here.

Michael Hawkins is here at the studio wrapping up the details on his new CD Lost Songwriter. Look for it soon!

Bunch of great kids i know and/or work with made the honor roll this week: Fred Tally-Foos, Kimberley Caracheo, Kaleb Hargrove, Nolan Brown, Kathryn Tally-Foos, Wade King, Taylor Danielson, Lance Bauer, Sarah Beaudoin, Tyler Brown, Price Maxwell, Ann Tally-Foos, Taylor Faust, Erica Goodman, Garrett Whitten, Chelsea Wirth, Jeff Achee, Kanah Bradshaw, Juan Corpus, Cadi Hawkins, and Chris McCrae. Congrats! Lance also showed the Champion LightFinewool sheep in last week's West Kerr Livestock Show. The big district show comes up next weekend.

Some big awards too for friends from the theatrical district with these folks winning best actor-or-something awards at the Earnie Awards for Playhouse2000: Susan Neely and Graham Douglass -- best vocalists, and Sally Ritch, Suzanne Edwards, Jessica Roberts, Kristen Miller, Ellen Bitkower, Phil Kuhlmann, Jerry Mertz, Caleb Straus, Clifton Fifer, Peter Lewis, Meg Lewis, Ben Solder all bringing home bacon.

From Ford Morrill: "If computers ever get too powerful, we'll just organize them into a commitee. that'll finish 'em off."

Reminds me of too too many things right now.

Burning Man Harumphicus here and here.

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