Friday, January 12, 2007

COM: Blogarithmic #198

My field bud Greg Lasley has some great news:

Just wanted to let you know that as of today there is a showing of some of my Antarctica images at the Texas Memorial Museum on the University of Texas campus. If you happen to be in that neighborhood in the next few months and have a little time, perhaps you will stop in and have a look-see. The museum is officially at 2400 Trinity Street on the U.T. campus, but it is physically between Trinity and San Jacinto Streets. In the 2400 Blk of San Jacinto there is a statue of some horses which is pretty obvious. The museum is the building up the hill from this statue and the entrance is on the east side of the building. There is a parking garage immediately north of the museum accessible from either Trinity or San Jacinto.

For the past year there has been a photo display there of Texas wildlife from both John Ingram and me. This time, the museum decided they wanted to have just one of us show work, and then in 6 months or so John will have a different set of images displayed. Anyway, I hope you may have a chance to get by to see some of these images and I hope you enjoy them.

And, many of you have been aware of the dead bird situation in Austin a few days ago that led to street closures and HazMat teams -- seems to be a nationally newsworthy event. Now thanks to Eric Carpenter, Austin birder who passed on these images of the event, we know why!

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