Friday, January 26, 2007

COM: Blogarithmic #205

Is anyone else in my coterie secretly praising global warming. I don't do cold and, as Brush Freeman wrote, "I hate winter". So the climate change, regardless of whether it is man-induced or a natural cycle, is also apparently changing the breeding range, winter distribution and vagrancy of lots of birds and bugs. It's exciting from the discovery standpoint, and of course it is expanding ranges of critters at a time of enhanced extinction rates (although presumably ranges of more northern latitude birds may be shrinking).

Saw Chad Ahrens and wife Amy and baby and her parents, the Houstons, at Chili's the other night. Word is Philip is working on his second baby, another little girl. Donna and James have four granddaughters now or on the way.

Going to see The Queen, so i'll finally have an actual Oscar nominee on my "seen" list for the year. All the other candidates i saw didn't make the cut (although many actors did for parts i'd agree with).

Both filming schedules and recording schedules are off for the weekend due to critical folks being unable to make it. Rescheduling for next weekend.

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