Sunday, February 11, 2007

COM: Blogarihtmic #213

Patrick Davis has a new band, they have songs up on MySpace and a video. Very, very nice stuff. Go check them out at

Sarah Tacey has birthed another beauty with her production of Nobody's Perfect (at The Point through next weekend, including a special champagne Valentine's Day Show). Graydon Vaught is manically brilliant as the father who can't quite remember anything except the really important stuff. He spends half the show trying to live (that's L-I-V-E), and gives it a pretty good shot with the help of his granddaughter -- Sloan Frierson by the way, looking perfect in black leather, and giving some dynamite teen poseur attitude. Justin Shotts and Emily Houghton are perfectly cast as the love interests in the play, wihch takes a transvestitic detour. Much of Act 1 is a build toward the inevitable collision of a shallow lie and the truth. Once the clothes change it's hard to stop giggling. Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing Little Miss Sunshine will notice all too many similarities here, but to great effect. It's worth many dozens of good laughs, and a night out to smile. Congrats to Sarah and crew -- oh, dare i mention Charles Bryant's cameo as the incredulous jogger . . . Like i said, throuhg next weekend.

Watched a good portion of the Grammies tonight to see some old friends and soak up some nostalgia. Really nice to see Smokey Robinson, The Doors, and Ornette Coleman honored. One wonders how they've escaped notice before. Some incredible performances by Christina Aguilera (the highlight of what i saw; honoring James Brown), Mary J. Blige, a close, close second, the inimitable Chris Brown, plus great stuff from Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood, John Mayer, Ludacris. Smokey Robinson followed by Lionel Ritchie was sublime. It was just top notch musically all the way through. And it's about dang time the Dixie Chicks got their due . . . especially now that the country agrees with them.

The production on the show with the big screens, the Chicago-like bleachered orchestra, and the backlighting was just superb. Of the things not to like, not too much, but it was just bizarre having the announcement platform behind the backs of a good portion of the audience, many of them the stars of the evening. Watching the backs of their heads, or them craning aroud to see what was going on was just silly, and very distracting. Whoever came up with that idea ought to be sentenced to watching it for the rest of their life. And finally, there was some very strange live editing, with scenes occasionally flipping all around before finding the target. A couple of places where the announcers interrupted the proceedings was also very sloppy, especially in the middle of Ornette Coleman's speech. Let's hope these things are cured for next year's fiftieth anniversary.

Picked up an odd rehab bird today. It's an African Silvery-cheeked Hornbill. It was found flying loose near Wimberley and after a couple weeks in rehab, and with no place to go, it came to me. It's a big, gorgeous bird, with a bite. It got hold of my arm through a heavy coat and nearly brought me to my knees. It also got a finger once, and as i was watching it clamp down all i could think was "i'm going to lose this finger." I imagine it's what it feels like to have a bolt-cutter at work on you. Luckily (ha!) it caught my finger across bone and not at a joint, and i still have my finger, blue, blistered and numb, but i have it.

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