Monday, March 05, 2007

COM: Blogarithmic #217

Tons to post from the last week, including William Lawson and the Highland Park LAX team smoking The Woodlands, Dana Cooper and Annika Fehling singing for the kids here today, last weekend's on fire performance of ITM's One-Act Play troupe at the Wimberely festival with fantastic performances by Irec Hargrove and Cadi Hawkins (who were both competing at State Duet Acting this weekend), some notes on A&M basketball, Tivy jumping into playoff contention with a 1-0 soccer win over Canyon, migration starting to pick up fast, watching Zodiac, and who knows what else. Will be posting pictures and more YouTube video soon. stay tuned.

Meanwhile, PZ Myers at Pharyngula has done another gorgeous spread of invertebrate photos and links for Circus of the Spineless #18. Check it out here.

LIVE @ PAMPELL'S, corner Sidney Baker & Water St., St. Patrick's Night, Saturday, March 17,
9:00pm to 12:30am, "THE FLASHBACKS", Oldies but Goodies - Rock n' Roll, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's & beyond, Blues, R & B, Motown, Jazzy standards, GREG BITKOWER, GLENN MARTIN
DENNIS YOUNG, BRYON FOSTER, Call for booking and other information, (830)459-5414

The 11th Annual Youth Speaks Teen Poetry Slam is underway. On stages across the Bay Area, poets aged thirteen to nineteen are demonstrating the power of the spoken word. To learn more about this annual event and the Youth Speaks organization, please go to

From Mike Bergin at 10,000Birds!
A greenbelt, as a product of land use policy, is a magnificent thing (as a fashion accessory, usually not so much.) Greenbelts are undeveloped swathes of land, usually within urban areas, designated to stay wild, partially wild, or agricultural. Zones like these add a great deal to the cities enlightened enough to protect them. Greenbelts help to regulate air quality, reduce soil erosion, protect waterways from polluted runoff, recharge groundwater supplies, and lower energy consumption and summer air temperatures by mitigating the urban heat island effect. Not only do greenspaces deliver the passive economic benefits of improved property value, worker productivity, and consumer interest in local businesses, but they also provide venues for active forms of recreation including hiking, biking, and, of course, birding. Long, continuous stretches of woods and water also offer a cornucopia of physical, mental, and emotional health benefits. They protect critical habitat from destruction, animals from accidents, and cities from sprawl. What's not to love?

Another greenbelt you're sure to love is The Greenbelt. The Ridger is a linguist, progressive, and self-described Freethinker. She's also a naturalist, with birds and astronomy among the topics she blogs about frequently. Enjoy science and serendipity, words and pictures in her presentation of I and the Bird #44.

You know what else provides scads of psychological and societal benefits while protecting biodiversity, human rights, economic justice, and the fiscal wellbeing of various technology companies? That's right… blogging. If you've been doing your part by blogging about wild birds or birding, join the club. I and the Bird is the blog carnival for you. So send a link to your best recent work to me or our next wonderful host, Jayne (blessingsabound AT mac dot com) of Journey Through Grace. I and the Bird #45 drops on Thursday, March 22, so get your contributions in by March 20.

Also, I and the Bird needs hosts in a big way. If you are a participant, particularly a frequent contributor, who hasn't hosted I and the Bird yet, there's no time like the present to host an April or May edition. Please contact me immediately!

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