Wednesday, March 14, 2007

COM: Blogarithmic #218

A lot of you folks out there know that three of the documentaries i've been working on focus on kids with exceptional talents. I've been chasing all over the state filming dance recitals, lacrosse games, bike races, and concerts to get some of them on film. Well, sometimes you have to look for the talent, sometimes it finds you.

I've been posting a good bit of stuff lately on YouTube, though none from these documentaries, and like the other social networking sites out there you get the opportunity to connect with others of like interests, and it's become a fine way to see what others are capable of. Last week i randomly chose a clip to watch (i watch almost anything with someone holding a guitar in the screenshot), and was dumbstruck listening to a 23 year old kid from Canada by the name of Craig Anstey. Just stumbled onto him. Don't know if he's a known thing or what, but give yourself a listen on the embedded video below. He has some nice stuff he's written also, but this one song just got me.

Then today, at least in part because i've supported the new YouTube YTASK group for kids, one of them subscribed to my film channel, a kid named Justin Bieber who just turned a whopping old 13. So, usually if someone is kind enough to add me, i'll add them as well and check out what they have to offer. So i won't say anything more about Justin, everything he does speaks for itself, but he obvously has something of a following already. Embedded videos below!

First, here's Craig . . .

and then, here's Justin . . .

I'm proud to say that i have only seen two of "The Worst Reviewed Movies of All Time", and none in the top 50. Although, tbph, there's another half-dozen on there i've thought about seeing -- not now. I confess too that one of the two i've seen i actually own, entirely because a friend of mine is in it, and while it's goofy, i hardly think it's one of the worst. So, interested? Here's a link.

Back with more tonight.

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