Thursday, March 22, 2007

COM: Blogarithmic #221

"According to Karma, the girls are singing 'The Flying of the Cranes,' composed by the fifth Dalai Lama, who is said to have been a sometime poet. A prisoner sentenced to death is enclosed in a box and thrown into the river. Through the slats, he spies two flying cranes and implores them to lend him the help of their wings. Asked if they did so, Karma shakes his head. 'That prisoner was probably a romantic sort,' he says."

-- Peter Matthiessen, Birds of Heaven

One of my favorite writers and readers, Matthiessen is speaking in SA tonight at the McCombs theatre. I've seen him speak in SA twice, and was enthralled. Beyond his gifts, what a life he has led. I'd trade. Can't make tonight unfortunately. A computer glicth has kept me in front of the screen for about 22 of the last 24 hours. I'd kill myself on I-10 trying to get there. And will likely miss friends Susan and Naomi by missing this. Oh well.

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