Friday, March 30, 2007

COM: Blogarithmic #222

Sitting here at lunch about to get hammered again by monster storms. I am so behind on posting here -- have notes dating back a couple of weeks of really cool stuff, great links, some new videos etc. i hope to get to posting this weekend -- really i do.

Meanwhile, here's a vid Carol put up on her site of Holly Riedel receiving the Harvard Prize last year. Or watch it down below.

It's the last couple of days to send submissions in for Circus of the Spineless #19, being hosted at Burning Silo -- get them to Bev at this address.

And there's a great idea blooming at Voltage Gate for a Blogging BioBlitz -- i like things that are fun, get you in the field, and make no pretense about being scientific effort. I'm signed up for this one.

Looking to do a survey this weekend at Big Springs Ranch also -- about a week overdue.

Will Femia at Clicked always finds the coolest things . . . course it's his job. That makes it a cool job, a really cool job. Anyway, thanks Will.

Google's directions from Stanford, CA to Stockholm, Sweden (check out step #33).

Back with more.

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