Tuesday, March 13, 2007

ENV: ManyBirds Vids

Malcolm Mark Swan from just down the road in San Antonio is an excellent filmmaker focusing on birds. For a few years now i've enjoyed seeing what fantastic clips show up on his site -- ManyBirds.com. Last week he posted a note about vids of a Green Violet-ear from San Antonio last year, and i've been meaning to send folks to his site to see them. So here's his TexBirds note which sets the stage nicely:

You may recall last year's (June 2006) Green Violet-ear (hummingbird) in southern Bexar County. I posted 4 videos of him at http://www.manybirds.com along with 60 other hummingbird clips, all in slow motion (7 species taped in Texas). . . If you are a dial-up user and are attending the TOS meeting in San Antonio, I'll be presenting some of these clips at the Thursday (12 April) afternoon science session.

Not all of my Web page bugs are worked out; the DVD link may be ready by tomorrow, and I haven't yet persuaded my database (which produces each's clip web page) to generate browser-acceptable accent symbols! If you haven't visited ManyBirds lately, you'll notice that I switched to the highly Web-compatible Flash format popularized by YouTube, Google Video, and Stupid Videos. The first part of each clip should play immediately, but you'll have to wait about a minute or two for the remainder. You'll see easy instructions for replaying each clip once it's completely in your computer's cache. Flash clips aren't easily saved to a hard drive, but I'll issue a DVD to serve that need, eliminate the long downloads for dial-up users, and show these clips with all of their frames (30 per second), instead of just 8 fps. I hope you enjoy ManyBirds.

Malcolm Mark Swan
San Antonio TX

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