Monday, April 02, 2007

COM: Blogarithmic #223

A wonderful Circus of the Spineless -- #19 to be precise -- is up at Burning Silo. Check it out here!

And if you're hungry to be a blog host, we have an opening to host the April edition. Just drop me an email here.

Itching for the NCAA final tonight. After an eight straight win in the beginning, and the heady rush of being ranked number one (with thousands of others) among the FB Global pool of several million, i suffered through not getting my first round upsets, and dealing with the ones that did happen. Duke cost me the most, Texas comes in a close second. At least the Ags made the most of their run (whoop!). Anyway, i managed to not ever get below 75% and that eventually apid off. I picked three of the final four (Texas was my miss), and am on target with the final two. I am ranked #2 in three of the five pools/standings i am in -- not too shabby. If Ohio State wins tonight i'll finish #2 in all three of those pools because the guys at #1 have the same pick i do. Nevertheless i feel pretty stoked about it. Globally i'm now in the top five percent, not too shabby either. In the giant FB pool i rank even higher. Go Buckeyes.

We're getting geared up to put on the second ever show by the Guadalupe Stage Quartet. Rehearsals start next week and we have a dynamite cast lined up. Shows will be weekends, May 10-20 at Warrior Theatre in Ingram. All proceeds go to the Roy Burney Endowed Scholarship Fund.

I know i'm stillw ay behind on reporting some important stuff. Back soon i hope.

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