Sunday, April 08, 2007

COM: Blogarithmic #224

No secret that i'm still way behind on posting stuff. Everything is conspiring against me timewise. And since rehearsals begin tomorrow for The Octette Bridge Club, which i'm directing for the Guadalupe Stage Quartet, time will be even scarcer. All my friends who have been writing, sometimes extensively, and have yet failed to receive replies, i hope you'll understand . . . i want to write back informed, lengthy replies, and will need thinking time to do so.

In the meantime, here's some updates.

First, the temps here hit 32df yesterday morning and while it didn't dip below freezing, it managed to stay there 26 hours straight, only breaking a little before noon today. It strikes me as quite odd to have temps like this, but i have in my records that the lowest temp i've seen in Kerr County was 9df, and that was on 4 April 2000! This one was bad in that it included lots of rain and thus ice. Icicles were still melting off my roof at 2 pm today. Of course this weather has caught everything in delicate leafing out mode, and quite a few things in flower. Only time will tell what damage has been done to fruit crops, and to greening plants. It also may have taken a huge toll on insect-eating birds, especially those that use high amounts of energy in searching for insects on the wing. Significant mortality is expected for swallows, swifts, and possibly hummingbirds. Time will tell.

I spent yesterday at the new Schertz Steele High School auditorium (a beautiful new building with outstanding sightlines and atrocious acoustics -- how does that happen??). The area One-Act Play was being held there, and we watched both of our district reps -- Wimberley and Bandera -- advance and take the two top actor awards. They'll be at regionals next weekend in Kingsville.

Wimberley did A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and it was very funny and extremely well-staged. Some of the kids i've been watching there the last few years -- Zane Gordon-Bouzard, Annie Bond, Andrew Patoski and Harry Tork -- were at the top of their game. Bandera staged a very tight and dark Merchant of Venice, adapted by Roslyn Houghton. Ashley Jennings took the Best Actress nod. Gordon-Bouzard won the guys version for Wimberley.

LaVernia staged an avant-garde Nigro play Paganini, which i really liked. Andrew Wortham as the clockmaker was excellent.

The other plays included Dearly Departed by Yoakum HS, The Children's Hour by Cuero, and Heaven Can Wait by Marion HS.

Word is that Tivy HS was disqualified in the 4a even the day before for going 9 seconds over time in a lighting breakdown. Making kids pay for a host theatre equipment failure is criminal.

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