Saturday, May 05, 2007

ENV: Question Marks

A visit to Big Springs Ranch in Real County, Texas as part of a regular survey of flora and fauna turned up what was, for me anyway, a bounty of Question Marks. While hardly rare, a good day around these parts is finding one or two, but on April 22nd we had a total of 25, more than any other species we encountered. A complete list of the survey totals was posted for that day.

Click on the pictures to see an enlarged version and to see the punctuation mark that gives the bug its name.

Trying to get the jump on a Question Mark at
Big Springs Ranch that decided to pose on a prickly pear.

Photo by Tom Collins

On a heavily overcast day the bug is very dark, in fact
they often looked like black butterflies bouncing by.

But with a flash, they show a delicate patterning.

And of course, the big payoff comes when one deigns to spread its wings.

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At 1:11 AM, Blogger tardigrade said...

Wow! So beautiful!


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