Friday, May 25, 2007

ENV: Unidentified Beetle

Looking for ID help on this one. I believe i have this guy narrowed down to the genus Euphoria. Indeed, based on photos taken when i first found the bug i had identified it as E. sepulcralis. But it was an overcast day, and i kept the bug (two actually), and today when the sun peeked through a few moments, i took more pictures. Now i'm not sure of the ID. In particular i used Ed Riley's annotated Scarab checklist, and posited it against the species listed there. I was able to eliminate quite a few Euphoria possibilities by comparison to other resources, but am left with four possible species (mainly for lack of resources on them). E. sepulcralis remains a possibility. E. discicollis is left on the list, though i don't believe its requirements for nesting are available in the area (pocket gopher dung chambers). The other two, for which i find almost nothing, are E. nitens and E. casselberryi. Help?

Euphoria sp.
TX: Kerr County, 1 mile N of Ingram off TX27
22 May 2007 (photographed 25 May 2007)

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