Wednesday, July 25, 2007

ENV: Yup, it's Circus Time!

We're on the cusp of our second anniversary already at Circus of the Spineless, and here to take on the penultimate version of our first fifth of a decade is Roger at Words & Pictures! Many thanks to him for stepping up to the plate for this. You can email submissions for July to him directly by the 30th. And thanks for making the Circus one of the best Carnivals online!

We’ve had some excellent bloggers step up to the plate for the next few issues. Put these on your calendar:

#24 will be at Naturalist Notebook
send your submissions by August 30 to Summer here at her gorgeous new blog

#25 will be at The Annotated Budak
send your submission by September 29 to Marcus here

#26 will be at The Other 95%
send your submissions by October 30 to Kevin here

#27 will be at The Hawk Owl’s Nest
send your submissions by November 29 to Patrick here

And of course, we’re looking for hosts for December and beyond!

all my best, tony g
milk river film, ingram, texas

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