Wednesday, September 05, 2007

REV: News from three friends

Big news from three friends . . .

Mathis Lidiak has just gotten his first role in a play at school. He'll be Mendel in Lon Morris College's version of Fiddler on the Roof. Mathis understudied Charles Bryant for the role of Miles in our just finished production of the Drawer Boy and was wonderful.

And speaking of Charles, he left a cryptic message on my machine tonight saying he too had gotten his first role in a school piece at St. Edward's. No word yet on the play or the role, but i'll post when i know more.

And finally my bud Lyle Lovett has a fantastic new CD out, It's Not Big It's Large, including a song from our era, The Alley Song, which is one of my favorites on the CD, not only because i have some personal knowledge, but because it's my style of LL song. I think he's most intriguing on the slower down-tempo pieces. Another great song in that mold is I'll Cry a Tear, but i have no trouble at all loving them all. Perhaps best of all, if you'll get the "deluxe" edition it comes with a DVD with clips of the recording sessions for the CD, and a couple live performances. Very well put together (and produced by GF April Kimble) the DVD showcases that human side of Lyle which you seldom see, even in interviews. That's the Lyle i know, a wonderfully sensitive, all-listening, happy guy, with a fast sense of humor. It was awfully good to see him, the real him, on film. Note also that, at least according to the dating on the film, he was in the studio in LA recording on Oct 19, 2006, then performing at Bass Concert Hall in Ft. Worth the same day, and back at the LA studio on Oct. 20th. Amazing.

Finally, the Guadalupe Stage Quartet met with the directors of the Cailloux City Center for the Performing Arts today, and it looks very possible that we may be doing some of our future shows in that lovely space. We also made a couple of moves today towards producing a couple of other shows this fall that we haven't listed -- special productions that i'll let you know about as soon as we have them in hand. If all goes well though, we have the possibility of producing SIX shows in the next year! Stay tuned.

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