Tuesday, October 16, 2007

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Recent news from the Hill Country Children's Theatre

Children's theater's newest production: "Bugsy and Me"

The HILL COUNTRY CHILDREN’S THEATER (HCCT) announced its next production, set to begin in October 27, 2007, will be “Bugsy and Me”. This original, two-act-show will bring the “roarin’ twenties” and New York City into the Texas Hill Country. “It is the 1920’s, and a gangster named Bugsy Monahan is struggling to maintain his criminal empire,” Scott Jones, HCCT’s executive director explained. “A somewhat ‘soft’ gangster, Bugsy’s image is more menacing than his “bite”. When the main character suddenly finds himself caring for his sister’s child, Bugsy is faced with a difficult decision: give up his life of crime or surrender the young girl to an orphanage. What follows is a heart-stopping series of events that unfairly place Bugsy in jail and send his young charge, Felicity, on her way to the orphanage. Escaping from the authorities, Felicity must find a way to clear her uncle’s name and save her new family before the vile, Momma Rossini can take over Bugsy’s territory.

“We have worked very hard at developing ‘Bugsy and Me’ into a thoroughly enjoyable experience for both the actors on stage and our audience,” Jones continued. “The addition of original music and choreography assistance is going to really enhance our production.” Jones went on to add that over 70% of the cast of their previous production, “Wonderland” is returning for the new show.

Rehearsals for “Bugsy and Me” will start on October 27, 2007. Parents meetings are scheduled for October 18th and 25th. The meetings will begin at 6:00 pm and are informal. Interested parents are encouraged to attend, where they will receive information on the theater, a rehearsal calendar, and other valuable information. Enrollment in the 12-week program costs $10.00 per child, and includes instruction in drama and other theater activities. Children ages 5 to 19 are welcome to participate, and no experience is necessary. The Parent’s meetings and first rehearsals will all be at First Presbyterian Church, 800 Jefferson, in Kerrville, at the Family Life Center. A rehearsal schedule and other information can be found on the theater’s website.

“Our rehearsals are very family-friendly,” Jones stressed. “Most of the rehearsals are on Saturdays, with only a few, school-night rehearsals scattered throughout the calendar. There will be no practices during the holiday periods.” Despite the technically difficult aspects of this new show, Jones wanted all parents to know that HCCT’s policies of not staring one child over another and allowing all children a chance to participate will not change. “The bar is raised for our newer participants,” Jones stated, “but, we will not leave any child behind.” Additionally, parents and interested adults are needed to fill many roles for this show, and having children is not a requirement.

Registrations for “Bugsy and Me” are being accepted now. You can contact the theater form more information on how to register. This show will take the stage in late January/February 2008 in Kerrville and Fredericksb urg.

More information on the theater and this show may be obtained by calling HCCT at: (830) 990-5752, by email at: childrenstheater@hotmail.com, or on their website: hillcountrytheater.org.

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