Friday, November 30, 2007

COM: Blogarithmic #228

Unfortunately the Ags girls soccer team, rated #2 in the nation lost a squeaker to UT after outshooting them heavily this past weekend. Of all our teams this is the one most consistently highly rated and with the best W-L recod of all, and we can;t seem to make that big breakthrough (though last year we came close). This one's more a bummer because A&M hosts the NCAA Championships next weekend in College Station. Tickets for all games are $35. We last hosted in 2005.

On the other side the men's basketball team continues to thrive under new coach Mark Turgeon. They are ninth-ranked after winning the NIT Tipoff Tourney and are currently 7-0. Whoop!

Well as Thanksgiving week's go i didn't get out much last week, but still managed to see a few folks i haven't seen in a while. Former Tivy star striker and pro bike racer Andy Wilson grabbed me at Chili's a couple nights ago. He's looking great and is still riding but has moved back to Kerrville. It's benn quite a few years since i've seen him and it's hard to believe he must already be 33 or 34.

Ran into Mark Este briefly and he too is looking great and getting ready to graduate from UTSA. And spent some time with Matt ROthrock, who has a new job and likes it just fine.

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