Monday, November 26, 2007

COM: I came across this . . .

. . . while searching this blog for something else. I wrote this two and a half years ago, and both the video linked here, and what i wrote, spooked the bejeezus out of me . . .

Watch this (thanks to skippy the bush kangaroo and protein feed)

There are bots competing for me (okay no one got this reference -- i feel like my soul is being spidered, the information there prioritized, and then news fed back to me [like Amazon's choosing for me things i should read -- which are about 95% things i've already read] the idea is that i am always expanding, always finding new, interesting things to read and experience, and this "choosing" of things based on my surfing history is totally counterproductive for me -- if it benefits anyone at all [and i doubt it does] it is only the very most shallow among us).

Paradigm 1: Says there is now too much information to absorb. That by clicking on a single blog, one of the ones whose information i cherish, i am signing on to an hour's worth of chasing down the track of locomotived information. It is endless, and i can't get enough. I no longer have the time to absorb, digest and comment. I work 12 hours a day at my job, and the rest is spent in pursuit of some kind of knowledge.

Paradigm 2: Blogs may succumb under their own weight.

Paradigm 3: I could be an expert at anything.

Paradigm 4: I do not want anyone choosing for me a) what to read, b) what to think. Recommendations are not what they seem.

Paradigm 5: I am afraid.

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