Saturday, December 08, 2007

COM: Blogarithmic #230

I've got some reviews coming up for four great shows i've see in the last week: Wiley & the Hairy Man at Lon Morris College, High School Musical at Bandera Middle School, Rhinoceros by the Transit Theatre Compnay at St. Edward's University, and Dark of the Moon at Wimberley High School. Some really fine productions there -- all of them. I'll get those reviews (and some pics) posted pretty soon.

Meanwhile, checking in on football: i find that Harper got knocked out by Bremond 21-14. I passed the Harper team bus on the way home from Wimberley last night and it looked dark and foreboding and i had a bad feeling. Great season for them though.

Of the other teams left in the playoffs that i'm following, there are three left -- Smithson Valley, Highland Park and Plano. Will post when i find scores, which seem to be internet scarce right now.

UPDATE: Looks like Highland Park beat West Mesquite 49-6. Looks like Plano wins on a punt return, don;t know score yet, and Smithson Valley apparently lost to Madison in overtime.

I had pegged Leon Jackson in the audition round of X-Factor as a great pure (but raw) talent. He has week after week, either been driven to dancing which he does not do well, or saddled with an awful song or arrangement or both. So it is surprising to me that, even though i thought he was good, that he's still in and it's finals week. Of course the very creepy Rhydian and the complete opposite, but equally creepy Same Difference are still in too. Which begs the question of what happened to all that real talent that was floating around at one point. Strange competition. But go Leon anyway.

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