Monday, December 17, 2007

COM: Blogarithmic #231

Okay, so i had dibs on Leon Jackson to win X-Factor from the day he auditioned, as everyone who got my vids via email can attest, then i thought that the nervousness was going to kill his chances. It's amazing to see him come through and win it -- glad to see that real talent can win out sometimes. Between Paul Potts winnig Got Talent and this i'm thinking there is something viable about these shows even if the music is not in my realm of liking. And disregarding for now that a number of exce[tional talents got knocked out early by the judges in Talent. Anyway, Leon is a fine voice and i hope he strays toward something a bit heavier than what he's tackling now.

In football only one team i was following remains. Highland Park made it to the state title game and will play Lake Travis, the tam that knocked off Tivy in the sceond round. If you're not at the big dance, the next best thing is having the team that beat you there.

Plano got knocked off this weekend. And so did Copperas Cove, who i wasn't exactly following, but they knocked out McKinney Boyd, who i was. Cove lost in the state title game by four points.

Saw Ryan Wagner in town this week. He's working for his dad. I'm hoping that over the holidays i'll get to see some more folks wandering about town.

Looks like the ITM Thespians are going with Twelfth Night for their one-act competition piece. Auditions are this week.

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