Sunday, December 23, 2007

COM: Fun with casting calls

I get casting calls on a daily basis. Some of them are rather ridiculous, some funny, some represent things you couldn't get away with posting in any other way i don't think . . . Anyway, here's notes from three recent ones:

[CHURCH CONGREGATION EXTRAS] All ages and all ethnicities. I will need people on crutches and people with broken legs. People with wheelchairs, missing limbs etc. All people who would be looking for help. This isn’t how they need to be I just need all sorts of people.

[HOMELESS MEN (3)]I need three homeless men preferably 40 to 50 years old. Alcoholic type.

Due to a special look for our film, we are looking for featured background cast who have scars from old wounds, trauma, genetic defects, marks, stains, imperfections, flaws, faults, spots, blotches, discoloration, disfigurements and/or other facial or body deformities.

They need a "fat lady" 300+ pounds (speaking role, SAG pay), contortionists, fire breathers, tattoos of all types, biker types, twins (females ages 30's to 40's), clowns, little people, knife thrower, etc.

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