Monday, December 03, 2007

COM: Seeing folks from the past

So, in a long story, that will be partly continued over the next couple or three posts, i had a waaaay long weekend. Decided at perhaps the last possible moment Friday that i ought to head to Waco to see the bro and fam at the Copperas Cove-McKinney Boyd Football playoff game (unfortunately lost by Boyd, but that's another post). Then headed east to Jacksonville by way of all kinds of little one-light towns, saw Mathis Lidiak do his show at Lon Morris College (yet another post), and then was back for yesterday afternoon's Bandera Middle School rendition of High School Musical (the post after that . . .). Anyway, great to see Mike, Susan, Jeff and Sarah. Here's some pics -- so sorry i missed getting good pics of Sarah . . . i'm so scatter-brained. Click on the pics to see/download the hi-res versions (right-click, save image as).

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