Friday, January 04, 2008

ATH: Tivy Alumni Soccer Game

The Tivy Boys Soccer Team v. Tivy Alumni game at the Tivy practice fields, 3 January 2008, ended tied 2-2. The alumni won a shootout 1-0. This is just a few clips, and includes both the varsity goals. Unfortunately i missed the two alumni goals. The shootout is at the end.

I also heard that the girl's alums won on Monday 5-1, but am hoping someone can confirm the score.

Best of all i got to see and talk to a lot of old friends and players at the game including Matt, C.J. and Michael Goodwyn, Janis, Robby and Micah McCutcheon, John and Mattie Bonine, Eron Kammer, Mike Reddell, Shane Heffernan, Rigo Rivera, Ryan Wagner, Luke Smith, and likely others i'm forgetting right now.

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