Monday, January 14, 2008

COM: Blogarithmic #232

First things first . . . Karl Bajoris, one of theatre regulars around here, and a funny, funny man died Saturday morning after being ill for several weeks. He was new to the area and new on stage when we appeared in The Diviners ta the Point a few years ago. Lately he's been in about every other show at the Cailloux Center. Nice to a fault, and as i said one of those guys who seemed to have humor in everything he said. I will post an obit when it becomes available.

I found out about this through attending the Earnie Awards on Saturday evening. Karl won a Volunteer of the Year Award and Jeff and Heather made sure the family knew about it Friday evening. They let him know about the award that evening. What a great gesture all the way around.

Quite a few folks i know, have worked with, and/or have been associated with GSQ won awards.

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