Monday, February 18, 2008

OBT: Chuck Picciuti

In the absolutely crazy, wacked, absurdity that 2008 has already become (much of which has not been posted here, but includes lots of death of friends, and idols, and inspirations, and some in all three categories; catching the flu at the least opportune time, major surgeries in the family realm, and loads of other trivial things that mean little alone, but build up), by way of wandering the net today in search of grains of memory about some other folks i stumble across a site called Because of where i found the link i immediately suspected that the site referred to Chuck Picciuti, who was a kid who worked for me as a counselor (his first as such) my first summer in Kerrville at the Texas Lions Camp. Chuck is a legend. Period. I have spent an awful lot of years on the fringes of entertainment, and amongst brilliant people, and i am certain i have not ever met a funnier person. I could not be within 100 feet of Chuck without him making me laugh. So i quickly checked to see what was up with him and immediately realized i was looking at a memorial page, and have been sunk in a couple of hours' reading about where's he been, what he's done and how he's inspired for the last twenty years. It would do him zero justice for me to summarize here. If you have an interest and a heart, you should wander around the site yourself. It's a stunning tribute to someone we could all strive to be more like. You're the man Chuck.

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