Monday, March 31, 2008

COM: Blogarithmic #234

I got to see Taylor Overbey play baseball this weekend for Sugar Land Clements High School. They beat Travis 9-4. Taylor had a great hit and scored a run. I'll be putting together a highlight video and posting it here and on YouTube and Facebook.

My brackets took a beating in the first round, but my choices eventually panned out. I had Texas picked for the final four but that's the only team that i missed out on there. So after languishing in the bottom of the standings for a while i'm suddenly in the running again, ranking 5th out of 32 Facebook friends, and 108 out of 410 in the Ag pool. Not bad considereing where i was.

In the EPL pool though i am smoking right now. I am currently ranked #212 out of 174,242. Not too shabby. I rank 1st of the Texans in the pool -- sadly that's only 13 total, and six of us are friends. Having a connection to Man U has been helpful too. Speaking of which Andy Rooney scoring a hat trick and Ronaldo punching in a backheel this weekend should have deflated the league pretty well. Rooney NEVER scores it seems. and all Ronaldo needed was a circus trick to punctuate his ridiculous season.

Looking forward to Thursday as the ITM Thespians go to Area comp in Schertz with an adaptation of Twelfth Night. What a great bunch of kids, and they have a wonderful show under the tutelage of Holly Riedel and Marie Cearley. The only other school we know about is district co-winners Wimberley who have a fantastic History of Tom Jones to put on the stage. It would be wonderful if we both advanced to regionals, repeating the scenario of about four years ago.

And here's Jeff Cameron with some phenomenal drumming -- songs by At The Drive In and The Mars Volta:

more news to come, i plan to update today!

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