Monday, March 24, 2008

ENV: Gulf dolphin mortality

News from the Texas Marine Mammals Stranding Network . . .

It has been another extremely busy week for TMMSN. In addition to the code 2 necropsies that were performed by Dr. Cowan last week, we have recovered 42 deceased bottlenose dolphins in the last 15 days. To date, 91 deceased dolphins have been recovered by TMMSN since January 1, 2008. Again, these strandings have been concentrated in Galveston and Jefferson counties. The dolphins are continuing to wash in as late stages of decomposition. An Unusual Mortality Event (
UME) Initiation Package was submitted by NOAA to the National Marine Fisheries Service’s Marine Mammal Health and Stranding Response Program which consults with the “Working Group”, a group of individuals with extensive experience in different fields pertinent to the investigation process. After consideration of the information submitted, the Working Group will make their recommendation to NMFS on whether this will be deemed an official UME.

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