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Brilliant lead performances by a trio of Ingram Tom Moore Thespians, anchored by superb work from the narrators, and a dynamite full cast and crew, propelled ITM’s “Twelfth Night” into the area competition of UIL One Act Play last Wednesday.

The group joins district compatriots Wimberley, with their “The History of Tom Jones”, at Schertz Steele High School on Thursday, April 3rd to make a run at going to Regional competition for the first time since 2005.

In addition, for those are fans who missed the public performances, pre-Area rehearsals on Monday, March 31st and Wednesday, April 2nd, will be open to the public. These will be staged at ITM’s Warrior Theatre, 510 College Street in Ingram adjacent to the Ingram ISD Administration Building at 7:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome.

The show, directed by Holly Riedel and Marie Cearley, is a special 35 minute cutting of one of William Shakespeare’s masterpieces, and tells the story of brother and sister, shipwrecked, only to wash ashore in a land far away. The sister, in order to survive, disguises herself as a serving boy, and their resemblance leads to mistaken identities and loves. Only by accident is the relationship discovered.

Kaleb Dworsky, an ITM senior, was named Best Actor from the five plays presented. Lindsey Morris and Madelyn Beaudoin were named to the All-Star Cast, Shana Baldwin and Taylor Danielson were named Honorable Mention All-Star Cast, and Jordan Spradling was named All-Star Crew. The remaining cast members include Logan Stehling, Tanya Gardner, Laura Kulbicki, Caleb Weaver, Tara Frels, Tino Rodriguez, Kylie Nidever, and Katrina Greenshield, with Macy Wilson and Brendan Flowers as alternates. The crew includes Benton del Toro as Stage Manager, Jason Gardner as Assistant Stage Manager, and Zack Morris on Sound.

Competition at Area begins at 4:00 p.m. with Wimberley. Ingram is set to go on 4th. Folks planning to attend only Ingram’s show should be plan to be there by 5:30 p.m., as the shows proceed immediately after the finish of the one previous. Doors are open only between shows and no late entrances are allowed. Admission for all shows is $5.

Llano, with “By the Bog of Cats”, was designated the alternate play, with other wonderful performances by Bandera, with “King Lear”, and Canyon Lake, with “The Diary of Adam & Eve.”

Other awards included:
Best Actress:
Kaitlyn Newell (Llano)

All-Star Cast:
Calen Cabler (Wimberley)
Walker Pickens (Wimberley)
Chris Bakka (Wimberley)
Joshua McCoy (Bandera)
Bryce Jeter (Bandera)
Chris Griffith (Llano)

Honorable Mention All-Star Cast:
Harry Tork (Wimberley)
Andy Patoski (Wimberley)
Reilly Downes (Bandera)
Jimi Fitzgerald (Canyon Lake)
Ciara Rowland (Canyon Lake)
Caitlyn Thibodeaux (Llano)

All-Star Crew:
Sydnie Ross (Wimberley)
Rebekah Segaloff (Bandera)
Stephen Ratliff (Canyon Lake)
Tiffanie Vollbrecht (Llano)

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