Tuesday, April 22, 2008

COM: Blogarithmic #235

Lots of great things going on. Barring my otherwise nightmarish week of deadlines and last minute things, i'll finally get a series of reviews posted today.

In the meantime some cool news -- Jeff Scott not only was honored with a Kennedy Center performance slot for the Irene Ryan Theatre Scholarship Awards, but he auditioned for and won a one-year internship with the Shakespeare Theatre Company in D.C. Jeff is a Bandera HS grad, a point veteran, a Texas Tech Theatre Ph.D. candidate and is still talked about daily here for his direction of A Streetcar Named Desire.

Also, Jonah Priour, ITM grad, and Harvard theatre junior, was accepted for the second summer at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. Graham Douglass, Syracuse theatre junior, Tivy grad, and Point and Cailloux veteran will be spending the summer backpacking Italy with St. Edward's theatre junior Lauren Hayes. Lauren was in Cabaret at the Point, but i knew her before from camp. She was also the stage manager at the STAGE production of The Drawer Boy i was in. And for more about Lauren see my upcoming review of St. Ed's' Angst! The Musical Review.

State One-Act Play finals begin this week with contests for 3A, 4A and 5A. I can't get to much of it if any, perhaps only the 3A night session, but i have to mention that our district compatriots Wimberley, loaded with a bunch of great kids, who are also great actors, will be on the stage looking for another title for their school. Best of luck to all those kids i know, or have met, including Calen Cabler, Chris Bakka, Andy Patoski, Zeb Duke, Harry Tork, Bonnie Sturdivant, Walker Pickens, and all the rest. And Mama Bond! Break a leg you guys!

From our Regionals, the other school participating is Zapata, which, like Wimberley, is doing The History of Tom Jones. They had a wonderful show at Regionals, and i'm hoping they do really well also. Our ITM crew finished as runners-up to this pair, and are state alternates. (See my upcoming review of Regionals).

In all the hubbub of last week, the one thing i missed out on was going to the state soccer title games on saturday. I'm kicking myself for not getting there now, since my niece Sarah's and nephew Jeff's school won the 4A girls state championship. Sarah is a JV player for them, so i'm already looking forward to the possibilities for next year. The school, by the way, is McKinney Boyd, and this is just the second year it's been open, and they already have a state title! They end the season ranked #3 nationaly (see poll below) after not having been previously ranked.

There's been a rash of old Tivy grads getting on Facebook lately, and i've recently been added by Amber Cunningham, Jimmy Maglothin, Jarod Turner, Nora Sierra, Chad Warner and Aaron Meek, all old players and students. I'm liking this social networking more by the minute. It would sure be nice to be connected to everyone from the past. There are so many folks i miss.

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