Sunday, April 20, 2008

MRF: New Films Posted!

I put up a bunch of new videos this week, mostly from the Schreiner University Coffehouse celebrating National Poetry Month. You can check these out on my channel at YouTube here. Included are clips from John Dean Domingue, Chris Fontanes, Kathleen Hudson and the amazing Thom the World Poet – as well as Ashley Vega, Kristen Glass, Alphonso Mabry, Julias Thompson on piano, Lorraine LeMon, Philip Huddleston, Jonathan W. Smith, Robert Burt, John Culpepper, Janet Meek, Michelle Duross, and Brianna, and a performance of Schreiner-ex Sam Skeist’s In Moonlit Hours. I have dozens more films in preparation, mostly music, but also sports highlight from Daniel Miro, William Lawson and Taylor Overby coming up. Stay tuned.

Some highlights:

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