Monday, April 28, 2008

REV: OAP State

Well, i was speaking at a conference and leading trips this weekend and was unable to attend the State One-Act Play -- missing it now three years in a row after about a fifteen year run of never missing (sigh).

Anyway, i'd really have liked to go this year, and am sad i didn't. I do have word from several folks about the results though. First, of course, is that our buddies from District, Wimberley, with their fantastic The History of Tom Jones, did not place, but by all accounts had a phenomenal performance -- so congrats to all of you in Wimberley! And favorite kids Chris Bakka got All-Star Cast, and Calen Cabler got Honorable Mention All-Star Cast. So many congrats to them as well!

The word i got is that the winners were also excellent, as was Cat On A Hot Tin Roof which was disqualified for time.

Here's the final result:
1st = Mexia, The Kentucky Cycle: Fire in the Hole, Best Actress, Samuel French Award
2nd = Van, The Elephant Man, Best Actor
3rd = Caldwell, The Women of Lockerbie

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