Thursday, May 15, 2008

COM: Blogarithmic #236

Once again, despite all my best intentions, i haven't been able to spare any minutes for compiling all the news that i come across. Sorry to those who look here for news of friends especially. I have some half-finished reviews scattered about that i plan to finish, but until then here's the local bites (and i'm publishing as i go, so this will probably be updated regularly for the next 24 hours, so check back again later).

First, Death of a Salesman has finished the first weekend, with good crowds for little Warrior Theatre, and a lot of fun on our part despite the serious nature of the play. We have shows Friday, Saturday and Sunday this weekend, and Thursday, Friday and Saturday next weekend. Hope to see you there.

Jacquie Bovee, with the West Kerr Current, is often very kind in her reviews, but this time she was intensely complimentary of our show:
"If you are a theater lover, you owe it to yourself to go see the Guadalupe Stage Quartet's sensational production of Arthur Miller's "Death of a Salesman," now playing at the Warrior Theatre in Ingram. The show is absolutely sensational, Broadway-class and not to be missed. . . Every single solitary member of director Holly Riedel's cast turns in an outstanding performance, from George Stieren's breathtaking rendition of Willy Loman, right on down to Todd Mein's Stanley the waiter and Sarah Tacey's six-second appearance as Howard's secretary."

On the awards front, tonight is the annual awards ceremony for Ingram Tom Moore High School, and Holly will be presenting the Roy Burney Scholarship, funded by GSQ productions like Salesman, to one of the senior Thespians. I'll announce that as soon as the show is over! Last year's winner, the first, Irec Hargrove, plays Happy in Salesman.

Monday was the ITM Sports Awards Banquet, and the top award, Sportsman of the Year went to Tyler Brown who played literally everything this year, part of the time on a messed up foot. In addition to the big award he also received the Fighting Heart Award in both Football and Baseball. Tyler (and alnost all his brothers and his sister) are in my film Diogenes/Dionysus. He also was in my production of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever at The Point. Because of sports we could never get him interested in acting again, but he's acquitted himself right fine in athletics and is a wonderful role model to boot, spending lots of mission time in Mexico digging water wells with his family.

Jason Gardner, who has been heavily involved in ITM Theatre this year, as a player in Deadwood Dick, and as crew for Twelfth Night, was named Offensive MVP in football. He's headed off to Illinois to play football in the north.

ITM's rightly famous Cross-Country Team named the entire team as MVP -- and that includes Zack Morris, ITM and GSQ perennial sound man, and a player in Deadwood Dick; Colton Morris, also a player in Deadwood Dick as a hilarious drunk; Steven Toler, another Deadwood gambler; and Taylor Faust, who once starred in the above-mentioned Christmas Pageant.

Best Actor award winner, and star of Twelfth Night, Kaleb Dworsky, was named MVP in baseball.

Congrats to all!!

My buddy Greg Lasley, a brilliant nature photgrapher, popped up with unexpected news this weekend. His wife Cheryl wrote to say he'd been bitten by a Copperhead. Well, i've been in the field with Greg when he's caught huge Water Moccasins and rattlers, and i had a bit of trouble believing he'd gotten bitten, but sure enough he had. He and another photographer, Eric Isley, were in east Texas taking bug photos, when they happened on a Southern Copperhead and, wanting to get better pictures, Greg tried to move the thing into the sunlight. But something went awry. He got to the hospital in Cleveland for treatment. He's okay,and in fact is already in west Texas taking more bug photos. The pic is Eric's of him in the hospital. If you'll scan down a few posts you'll see that Greg is having his first book of photos published in September.

As Facebook buds know already, i finally have a rough master of my new CD, Vignettes from the Edge of Humanity. It's my slam/spoken word thing, with piano by Ryan Bailey and lead guitar by Garrett Whitten, and with Zack Morris and Steven Toler playing acoustic guitars on one piece. We recorded the entire thing in one evening, and it was completely improvised on the musical end. Ryan and i had done an improv thing at the Howling at the Moon Coffeehouse on the opening night of that wonderful show's run. And i always knew when it came time to record that i'd have him back me up. Well, it's turned out much better than i ever could have dreamed. We did 20 pieces straight through and only had to repeat two, both because of errors on my part. Then, on the guitar parts Garrett, who had never heard any of the material before listening to Ryan and i record, laid down some brilliant leads on about half the songs. All that remains is some minor tweaking of levels, and me finishing the booklet, and it'll be off to the mastering lab. I hope to have it in hand by the fall.

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