Thursday, June 19, 2008

ATH: Schellas Hyndmann at FC Dallas

Hyndman And Ellinger
By J Hutcherson

We all know that the fine folks of Frisco must be entertained, and that's what makes FC Dallas's belabored coaching change all the more odd. The Schellas Hyndman in the lead and John Ellinger in support tandem might as well pretend that they've never heard of Mo Johnston, Bob Gansler, and that other FC.

Instead, they should be firmly focused on the little things like the four points and a game difference between themselves and first place in the West. Steve Morrow has gifted them a team that doesn't necessarily need even a minor revamp to contend, though they can operate with that easy excuse in place.

With the squad talking about a need for direction, any competent coach should be able to impress that quickly. The obvious is turning their tendency for one goal losses into at least draws. With the obvious exception of the Sunday that got him fired, Morrow's version of Dallas kept games close.

Kenny Cooper is playing like everybody's favorite National Team call-up candidate, the Dallas defense and keeper situation isn't the screaming issue it is at other clubs, and they have the position players to separate themselves from the problems in the West.

Again, this takes away a lot of the standard excuses coaches use when stepping in during the season. It's not their club. They need to go through a draft and a preseason to really get what they want out of a rebuilt squad. And so on.

Instead, Schellas Hyndman is in a somewhat unique position where he can make the big statement this season. Dallas should hold him to that. After all, they could've always opted against overreacting after that disappointment against the Galaxy.

from US National Team Players Association

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