Monday, June 02, 2008

COM: Cool beans nomination

Well, i've told a few folks about this already, but now that it's official i guess i can announce it to the world. I got an Emmy nomination. That's the television equivalent of an Oscar, and it's from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, which i had to join this week. It's an interesting story how this came about.

In late 2006 i got to do a music video for the Children's Music Project here at the ranch with a fantastic kid named Jacob Favela. He had lived on the streets of San Antonio and finally decided to get himself an education. A long story, but he ended up here with us. He brought with him a book full of rap lyrics he had written.

Once here he got together with our music producer Tony Young and they recorded several of his songs. Another long story, but one of those songs was chosen to make into a video. I hadn't done a music video since about 1986 so it was a load of fun creating the idea and putting it on film. We also had some great work from a young lady here, Meosha Adams, who did the choreography and led the dancers.

Somewhat because of the video, Jacob's story got passed around the state and then the country, he was invited to a conference at the White House, met Hillary and Barack, was honored by the Texas Senators, was invited to speak at a national conference in Denver, and was named the CPS Texas Youth of the Year and handed his award by Andy Roddick, Lance Armstrong and Elton John. All in a year's time!

FoxNews-Houston got wind of his story also and last November they came out and did a feature story on him that they used as their Thanksgiving special story. And in that they used my video as the backdrop for much of the story. That story has been nominated for an Emmy in the category of Arts & Entertainment Feature. It's a back-door thing for me, but it was the use of my video in that story that got me the nomination, along with Greg Groogan, the reporter/director, and his cameraman.

Know that I'm much thankful for that, but also most thankful to have gotten to work with Jacob. He's an amazing kid and going to go a long ways -- and all on his own. We may have done some recording and filming, but Jacob is the one who put his own talents to use.

The original video "Forgiven" is posted below if you'd like to see it and haven't yet. The feature story is also down there "Music Healed Teenager from Life of Crime". Or check them out at

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