Friday, June 20, 2008

COM: Final two nights for Singin' in the Rain

Great show is down to its final two stagings at Cailloux Theatre. Singin' in the Rain, starring Austin Owen, Tara Pannell and Jake Asbury is something i can absolutely recommend. Austin is an old friend, was fantastic here several years ago in shows like Big River, and has gone on to national acclaim in two years of playing the lead in the National Tour of The Producers. He recorded his fantastic new CD here at the Ranch studio. In addition to being a phenomenal talent, he is just a wonderful, wonderful human being. Combined i think he's perfect for the role, and also as a mentor at the Playhouse Theatre Academy.And Jake Asbury and Tara Pannell, new on my local theatre map, are sensational.Then there's a bunch of other fine people i know in this show too including almost all the amazing Academy kids, Brian Bondy, Jessica Roberts, Neill Day, Phil Kuhlman, Kaleb Dworsky, and Dale Green, star of my new short film. It's wonderfully directed by Heather Cunningham. Please fit a show date into your schedule, you won't regret it.

Here's a Facebook Event Page with more details:

and here's a great clip of rehearsal, just to give you a taste:

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