Friday, June 06, 2008

OCD: New film in progress this weekend!

obsessed compelled disordered is a narrative short film starring Dale Green due for release in Fall 2008. it is written, directed and filmed by tony gallucci, and is produced by Milk River Film (Holly Riedel, Executive Producer). filming begins in June 2008.

in this visual diary, a young man has to come to grips with the unexpected divorce of his parents, and his feelings towards all the parties involved. Dale plays the young man.

phenomenal background music is being composed by the Canadian guitarists Manuel Labbé and Jonathan Rioux, with help from their band Waiting for the Sun.

other cast members, all trained actors from the Kerrville-metroplex, include Mathis Lidiak, Irec Hargrove, Anthony Goodman, Pam Frierson, Liz Groat, Nate Singletary, John Dean Domingue, Lillian Beaudoin, Kaleb Hargrove, Jeremy Sosa and Robert Calhoun.

Mathis Lidiak and Todd Mein will serve as crew.

the film has its own website here:

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