Tuesday, September 30, 2008

COM: Sam Skeist at Schreiner U

Just a reminder to some of you, and an announcement to the rest of you, about something way cool, that maybe a once/last in a lifetime opportunity to see someone i consider a true genius perform here in kerrville. his name is sam skeist, and i first saw him perform at a coffeehouse at schreiner about five years ago while he was briefly a student there. he was stunning then, he is little short of amazing now. we made the rounds of austin and san antonio slams, and since then i've helped him publish a couple of books and a cd. he's been living in china four of the past five years, teaching english, and returned with a slew of incredible work -- we've spent the last two and a half weeks until late every night editing it (in between a bunch of trips to austin and san antonio for readings and slams) and he will publish it this week . . . he's a few days from going to india for a short stint and then returning for another open-ended stay in china. in the meantime he will be performing a set at schreiner's monthly coffeehouse series at the cailloux student center on campus, beginning somewhere around 7p.m. wednesday october 1st -- it's open and free to the public and so worth it to see even fifteen minutes of his work. he will open for carolyn wonderland, a brilliant austin songwriter/guitarist (who will remind you of joplin) -- so it will be a fantastic night all around. i'd beg you to come, support sam, and get a dose of something like you've not seen before . . .

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