Monday, October 06, 2008

LIT: Sam and John Dean

as many of you know, an old friend, sam skeist, was in town the last three weeks. he's been living in china over the last four years teaching english, and is spending a little time in the US before heading back to china, via india. he was staying here with his mom the last few weeks, but almost every night we spent on the road to austin or san antonio, doing readings and slams, or locked up at my place putting together and editing a new book -- wuhan circus -- there were about 20 straight 3-4 a.m. nights/mornings. we also spent time with another fantastic writer, john dean domingue, and the total experience of the last month, well, i can't sum it up . . . i am much wiser, much more enlightened, and doing much walking on air, over all the conversation and time spent swapping ideas . . . anyway, here's some film from a couple of the events we went to -- San Antonio Puro Slam at Atomix "Goth Dance Club" in SA on Sept. 30, and the Texas Heritage Music Foundation Coffeehouse Series at Schreiner University in Kerrville on Oct. 1. should be a good taste of what we had going . . .

Big Bruce ~ Sam Skeist

One Way Ticket ~ Sam Skeist

Quiet Fish ~ Sam Skeist

Tattoo ~ Sam Skeist

Moth ~ Sam Skeist

Cleanliness ~ Sam Skeist

Rachel ~ Sam Skeist

Midnight Ramblings ~ John Dean Domingue

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