Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ENV: Carnivorous Dung Beetles

from TP&WD Entomologist Mike Quinn:
Carnivorous dung beetle shuns dung and decapitates millipedes
Posted on: January 21, 2009 8:30 AM, by Ed Yong


Trond Larsen from Princeton University discovered D.valgum's unusual
diet by baiting several pit-traps with all sorts of potential snacks,
from dung to fruit to millipedes, both dead or alive. Over a span of
11 months, the traps lured in over 100,000 individual dung beetles.
Thirty-five species would scavenge on dead millipedes, but only five
tackled live ones. And out of these, only D.valgum ignored all other
foods - it only cared for traps baited with live millipedes.

By making small nicks in the millipedes' shells, Larsen showed that
D.valgum is an opportunistic hunter, and was over 60 times more likely
to attack injured prey than healthy ones. Even so, the beetles were
more than happy to tackle millipedes up to 14 times their size and
they would fight each other over potential kills.


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