Thursday, February 05, 2009

NAT: Facebook screws up

Facebook is beginning to remind me of Coca-Cola, too big to be sensitive to the people who keep them in business . . . FB got that way when they changed over to the new design, at that moment they had to shift into the F*** Them, we know what's best for them mode, and things have gone downhill since . . . and to quote my newest role, "there's no sense asking if the air's any good, when there's nothing else to breathe." So what're you gonna do? . . . this article doesn't even mention how it deals with multiple or compound first or last names either which is pretty insulting at its core also . . .

Facebook no friend to American Indian names

By Associated Press

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) — A 28-year-old computer technician from South Dakota found out that the Facebook social networking site had a real problem with her last name.

In the middle of planning a trip, Robin Kills the Enemy saw that Facebook deactivated her site, telling her that "fake names" violate the terms of use.

After back-and-forth e-mails, she had to send a scan of a government identification document to prove her real last name is Kills The Enemy.

In the meantime, Nebraska journalism student Nancy Kelsey wrote a news story about Kills The Enemy's issues with Facebook. She also started a Facebook group called "Facebook: don't discriminate against Native surnames!!!"

More than 1,000 users joined the cause in only a few days. Kelsey says she hopes the group will spur interest in the matter.

Facebook user Will White Eyes of Pine Ridge says he thinks Facebook had no general knowledge of Native Americans or their surnames.

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