Wednesday, May 06, 2009

ENV: Kerr County Brown Pelican

Second record of Brown Pelican, Pelecanus occidentalis, for Kerr County, an immature bird, flew in before dusk and landed on a log in the Guadalupe River behind Starbucks on the NW side of Kerrville, 6 May 2009

some notes, i was working with a low ISO, trying to make sunset pics when this bird literally flew into view on my viewfinder, and i thought it looked cool for my pics without realizing what it was at first. i pretty quickly snapped that this was a large bird . . . i had seen a couple of free-flying swans (assumed to be Mutes, but after looking at THOSE distant pics, now i'm not so sure) . . . and so i looked up to see it was a pelican and prepared to snap pics as it went by, but it glided in and landed not too far from me . . . i didn't have a long lens so the pics are a little distant though clearly identifiable . . . i also didn't want to move any closer in case folks wanted to try to see it tomorrow . . .

also, the pictures have been manipulated a bit because it was dark at low ISO and so they are lightened and sharpened a bit, and color corrected as necessary . . . not to mention some are cropped and blown up! . . . the astute will notice the contradictory/complementary Baldcypress Trees in the pics . . .

so here is a series of the pics showing this progression plus the distant swans as well . . .

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