Sunday, May 24, 2009

ENV: Kerr & Real Cos., 24 May 2009

Was able to get out for a little while today at both Rio Vista Crossing in Kerr County (seeking Comanche Dancers, which were not found, and may not be flying yet), and Big Springs Ranch in Real County, where i found a new ranch species and had several other good things.

Decent finds at Rio Vista included one Neotropical Bluet (Enallagma novaehispaniae) and a handful of Stream Bluets (Enallagma exsulans). At Big Springs i was accompanied by Zac Loman and Jill Wussow from Humboldt State University, part of the Texas A&M Golden-cheeked Warbler Survey team, and we had some good birds as well as the odes, including a couple of male Golden-cheeked Warblers in song late in the afternoon, and three or four Black-capped Vireos in an area where they've found several pairs nesting. Of the bugs we had our best stuff at a deep dammed pond above a side canyon pouroff. This is the location where i had the first Real County, and first Hill Country, record of Slough Amberwing (Perithemis domitia) last year, and today we had at least three there, plus two Eastern Amberwings (Perithemis tenera), and on the river below the pouroff under a bluff overhang we had a teneral fly up just out of reach and good view, but that i suspect was another Slough. Also working the overhanging shrubbery were a half-dozen Orange-striped Threadtails (Protoneura cara) which are new for the ranch, although i've been expecting them there. We also saw what was probably two (and caught one) Dragonhunter (Hagenius brevistylus). We had a large array of dancers as has been usual here, although we did not look for Coppery Dancer, and encountered no sylphs today, although we were only casually in Jade-striped territory and not at all in Ivory-striped territory.

TX: Real County, Big Springs Ranch, off US83, 7 miles N of Leakey, 24 May 2009

1 Iron-gray Millipede

1 Spicebush Swallowtail
12 Pipevine Swallowtail
15 Sleepy Orange
1 Lyside Sulphur
1 Reakirt's Blue
2 Red Admiral
1 Dun Skipper

20 Desert Firetail
6 Orange-striped Threadtail (new to Ranch)
100 Double-striped Bluet
20 American Rubyspot (photos)
8 Dusky Dancer
1 Springwater Dancer
1 odd dancer sp. (voucher)
40 Aztec Dancer
30 Blue-ringed Dancer
1 Powdered Dancer
30 Kiowa Dancer
4 Violet Dancer

2 Dragonhunter (photos)
1 Pale-faced Clubskimmer
6 Flame Skimmer (photos)
4 Widow Skimmer
5 Common Whitetail
8 Comanche Skimmer
4 Eastern Pondhawk
2 Swift Setewing
3 Slough Amberwing
2 Eastern Amberwing
1 Amberwing sp. (likely Slough)

+ Blanchard's Cricket Frog
1 Rio Grande Leopard Frog

1 Texas Earless Lizard

1 Great Blue Heron
10 Turkey Vulture
2 Black Vulture
1 Red-tailed Hawk
1 Wild Turkey
2 Mourning Dove
2 Golden-fronted Woodpecker
2 Ladder-backed Woodpecker
2 Green Kingfisher (1 carrying food)
4 Black Phoebe
3 Eastern Phoebe
2 Eastern Wood-Pewee
4 Ash-throated Flycatcher
3 Black-capped Vireo (plus an abandoned nest; 1 carrying food)
1 White-eyed Vireo
1 Red-eyed Vireo
3 Yellow-throated Vireo
2 Common Raven
2 Barn Swallow
12 Cave Swallow
30 Cliff Swallow
2 Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
4 Black-crested Titmouse
2 Canyon Wren
1 Northern Mockingbird
2 Golden-cheeked Warbler
1 Black-and-White Warbler
4 Yellow-throated Warbler
4 Summer Tanager
2 Rufous-crowned Sparrow
6 Field Sparrow
2 Painted Bunting
2 Blue Grosbeak
4 Northern Cardinal
2 Lesser Goldfinch
6 House Finch
2 Brown-headed Cowbird

Lace Cactus (in bloom)
Chatterbox Orchid (a few in bloom, most in seed pods, photos)
Mexican Poppy (one plant in bloom, photos)
Nuttall's Sedum (in bloom)
Canyon Mock Orange (in seedpods)
Limestone Gaura (in bloom)
Mountain Pink (in bloom)
Black Sedge (in bloom)

TX: Kerr Co., Rio Vista Crossing on the Guadalupe River, of TX39, 1 mile W of Ingram 24 May 2009

200 American Rubyspot
4 Smoky Rubyspot (photos)
1 Neotropical Bluet (photos)
3 Stream Bluet (photos)
6 Kiowa Dancer
10 Blue-ringed Dancer
60 Powdered Dancer
2 Dusky Dancer

1 Prince Baskettail

American Rubyspot, Hetaerina americana
TX: Real Co., Big Springs Ranch

Flame Skimmer, Libellula saturata
TX: Real Co., Big Springs Ranch

Dragonhunter, Hagenius brevistylus
TX: Real Co., Big Springs Ranch

Mexican Poppy, Argemone mexicana
TX: Real Co., Big Springs Ranch

Chatterbox or Giant Helleborine Orchids in seedpod stage, Epipactis gigantea
TX: Real Co., Big Springs Ranch

Cave below the main pouroff falls
TX: Real Co., Big Springs Ranch

Neotropical Bluet, Enallagma novaehispaniae
TX: Kerr Co., Rio Vista Crossing

Smoky Rubyspot, Hetaerina titia
TX: Kerr Co., Rio Vista Crossing

Stream Bluet, Enallagma exsulans
TX: Kerr Co., Rio Vista Crossing

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